Serpent Consulting Services has witnessed the use of OpenERP Accounting in India at their clients' workplaces. There are several salient features such as. Add XLS export to accounting reports. Noviat, Odoo Community Assets Management. OpenERP & Noviat, Odoo Community Association (OCA). FREE. 33 | 3. In odoo 11 (and I think since odoo 9) there are not Fiscal Periods anymore. One basic thing I think Odoo has missed out is the functionality of.


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I'm an IT Manager researching ERP solutions for openerp accounting company and I am interested in using Odoo, but my team is concerned about the level of development needed to make the software work for us.

Would we be better off integrating Odoo in such a way that our current Accounting package still looks after Finance and Odoo does the rest?

OpenERP : Advance Invoice HowTo & Accounting features at Glance! | SerpentCS

Although it is possible to use Odoo without using Odoo Accounting, we never recommend this to our customers. Odoo Accounting is the foundational module of Odoo through which all critical business functions flow. We encourage customers to spend more resources upfront to configure and customize Odoo Accounting to avoid redundancy, confusion, and inefficiency in the future.

Financial Accounting with Odoo is a valuable openerp accounting reference manual for Odoo users and for anyone considering implementing Odoo. Do you have the book in pdf version?

Although Financial Accounting with Odoo is not available in pdf, the book can be purchased here. One basic thing I think Odoo has missed out is the functionality of close a period or, in other words, to prevent of creating journal entries to the users when they are in a period.

It also serves as an independent legal entity to which community members can openerp accounting the code, the funding and other resources, with the knowledge that their contributions will be maintained for public benefit.

It is managed using double-entry accounting which ensures that each openerp accounting is credited to one account and debited from another. Budgetary accounts predefine the expected allocation of resources, usually at openerp accounting start of a financial year.

OpenERP : Advance Invoice HowTo & Accounting features at Glance!

These openerp accounting turn generate tax submissions, customer reminders, and so on. Watch the video Get paid faster Electronic invoicing and automated follow-ups.

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Create and send professional invoices and receive payments online. Send reminders to your debtors in just a few clicks.