In , Favel Parrett's career was launched with the critically-acclaimed debut PAST THE SHALLOWS. A heart-breaking novel, it was sold internationally, shortlisted in the prestigious Miles Franklin Award and won the Dobbie Literary Award. For more information, visit favelparrett. Past The Shallows. Harry stood on the sand and looked down the wide curved beach of Cloudy. Everything was clean and golden and crisp. This reading group guide for Past the Shallows includes discussion questions your book club. The suggested questions are intended to help your reading group.


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On one of his walks, he encounters a dog that belongs to George, a kindly hermit, disfigured by a cleft palate and burns from a fire that killed his family in his youth. George befriends Harry, past the shallows the two youngest boys seek refuge with the old man when their drunken father attacks them one evening.

Personally Past the shallows did not but I am sure there are others out there that would as they might enjoy sad books more than I do. Favel Parrett 10 Mar Past the shallows tells the story of 3 brothers who belong to a family torn apart by death and violence.

We are intimately introduced to characters whose lives are influenced by the forces of the sea. This novel is a piece of artwork written very exquisitely, drawing the readers in with its complex simplicity. Favel Parrett constructs very complex characters who are past the shallows by the setting that is very eloquently described.

All the characters in the novel were perfectly constructed.

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Although Parrett doesn't specifically describe past the shallows and every character, as a reader I felt that I knew the characters very well. Yet at times I would realise that there is more to the characters than what the words describe.

Favel writes in a very interesting way, her style of writing is very refined. The subtle hints she drops between the lines leave you not wanting to put the book down.


The simplicity of the novel is indeed a very deceptive one. At time past the shallows might have something figured out but as you turn the page, you read something else that draws you even closer.


It is as many would say, "an emotional roller coaster," as past the shallows seems the mix of emotions was just so intense. Nevertheless, such emotion can sometimes make novels just that tiny bit more interesting which is the case with past the shallows.

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Past the shallows is a great book, with perfect emotional depth and a wonderfully constructed plot. Favel Parrett writes with perfection and her understanding of the setting is clearly displayed in the novel.

I definitely recommend it to everybody and anybody because you will definitely love it when you finish. Fatima 09 Mar 2: It follows the story of Miles and Harry, the two youngest sons of past the shallows abusive father, and the hardships they face in their home life, both as a result of abuse, and of poverty.

The story is told from a third person point of view, but alternates between giving Harry and Miles' perspectives. By providing insight into the two main protagonists' emotions, Parrett positions the audience past the shallows empathise with and relate to the characters, enhancing the impact of the themes presented.


past the shallows This type of structure can, however, be confusing to the reader until they are used to the switching viewpoint. There are also sections of the novel where it is slightly unclear who the focus is supposed to be on.

Past the Shallows

Overall, the use of switching viewpoints could potentially have been made clearer to the reader, but ultimately succeeds in enhancing the telling of the story. The author is very successful in addressing the controversial and confronting topic of abuse, specifically, the abuse of children from past the shallows parental figure.

This theme is approached cleverly, the perspective of the abused children past the shallows insight into the weight of the emotional impact of their father's behaviour on them, while the abuse is described very truthfully, making the reader understand that everything that is done to the boys is very real and very serious.