They built the Patwon Ki Haveli which took over 50 years to complete and became one of the largest Havelis in Rajasthan. This house of the. Jaisalmer's second most popular spot after the Jaisalmer Fort is Patwon Ki Haveli, which is not just a single building, but a combination of five different Havelis. Located just m to the north of Jaisalmer fort and palace, Patwon Ki Haveli is a complex of five separate havelis owned by five brothers, and.


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For his five sons, a cluster of five havelis in one was designed, which he and his five sons built over a period of 55 years. It is one of the largest and oldest havelis patwon ki haveli Jaisalmer.

We were awestruck by the grandeur of this exquisite Haveli which was built with facades carved patwon ki haveli yellow sandstone. Relief depicting early form of Jharokha windows, 1st century AD. Patwon ki haveli Haveli in PhalodiRajputana Lounge at Samode Haveli, Jaipur, Rajputana Haveli at MandawaRajputana Later on these temple architectures and frescoes were imitated while building huge individual mansions and now the word is popularly recognized with the mansions themselves.

Between andMarwari's erected [9] buildings in their homeland, Shekhawati and Marwar. These buildings were called havelis.

Jaipur - Patwon ki Haveli - The Green Guide Michelin

The Marwaris commissioned artists to paint those buildings which were heavily influenced by the Mughal architecture. The havelis were to be closed from all patwon ki haveli with one large main gate.


The typical havelis in Shekhawati consisted of two courtyards — an outer one for the men which serves as patwon ki haveli extended threshold, and the inner one, the domain of the women. The largest havelis could have up to three or four courtyards and were two to three stories high.

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Most of the havelis are empty nowadays or are maintained patwon ki haveli a watchman typically an old man. While many others have been converted into hotels and places of tourist attraction.

Patwon Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer - Entry Fee, Visit Timings, Things To Do & More

The towns and villages of Shekhawati are famous for the embellished frescoes on the walls of their grandiose patwon ki haveli, to the point of becoming popular tourist attractions. These were the elaborate homes of Jaisalmer's rich merchants.

Patwon ki haveli ostentatious carvings etched out in sandstone with infinite detail and then painstakingly pieced together in different patterns each more lavish than the next were commissioned to put on show the owner's status and wealth.

This is the largest Haveli in Jaisalmer and stands in a narrow lane. This haveli is presently occupied by the government, patwon ki haveli uses it for various purposes.

Patwon ki haveli office of the Archeological Survey of India and State art and craft department is situated in the haveli itself. Nevertheless, even after these encroachments and abuse you can find a good amount of paintings and mirror-works on the wall.

Patwon Ki Haveli – The Glorious Mansion in Jaisalmer | GoWander

The other important aspects are its gateways and arches. The countless jharokhas and balconies are quite a sight for visitors as they give a panoramic view of the courtyard. Mirror-work and miniature carvings of extravagant design are present in the arches, gateways, jharokas, apartments and the courtyard, which are very photograph-worthy and rich in decoration.

The museum depicting the lifestyle of residents and the patwon ki haveli of that era represent a lot of cultural diversity in Rajasthan, especially in Jaisalmer. The first Haveli being the most popular one, visitors have taken a fair amount of time admiring its exquisite architecture and for good measure given that it is the most well-designed Haveli out of the other four.