Find a Frank Borsch - Projekt Saturn (Perry Rhodan Nr. ) first pressing or reissue. Complete your Frank Borsch collection. Shop Vinyl and CDs. On the 3rd of January, NGE (in A.D.) Perry Rhodan initiates his still not ageing companion Mondra Diamond into the top secret Project Saturn. Perry Rhodan is a German science fiction series, published since about Perry Rhodan's Universe; Cedric Beust's Issue Summaries (English).


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People from perry rodan 2500 have criticised the series, but its commercial success during several decades has become a literary phenomenon in itself. If nothing else, Perry Rhodan provides a mirror of the s Cold Wars New Ageand s peace movement in its story line.

Perry Rhodan Projekt Saturn by Frank Borsch

The series has an important influence on German writers in the field. The writing of the series still goes on. History[ change change source ] Written by an ever-changing team of authors, Perry Perry rodan 2500 is issued in weekly installments in the traditional German Heftchen pulp booklet format.

The series was created in by K.

Perry Rhodan - Wikipedia

Perry rodan 2500 more is known, except that the process is gradual and that the resulting object doesn't have the intense gravitational pull it would have if the contraction produced a black hole.

The "high powers" were long known to be the highest known life-forms.


They live in an unimaginable, distant dimension and have great powers in ruling over lower beings. However they are not omniscient and they are unable to directly interact with lower beings.

This is known as the transform-syndrome. Due to this, they interact with lower beings rarely and instead enlist individuals, organisations or entire species.

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Conflict between the high powers[ edit ] Among the perry rodan 2500 powers are two factions known as the cosmocrats and the chaotarchs. The cosmocrats want to transform all universes into a state of absolute order a state of utmost entropy, usual symbol Swhile the chaotarchs want to transform all universes into a state of absolute chaos negative entropy.


Accordingly, they are engulfed in a cataclysmic neverending war, stretching among almost all known universes. They are ruthlessly using, manipulating and dooming whole species for their actions. However, open warfare is just one tool among many perry rodan 2500 their epic conflict.

Perry Rhodan - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the previous cycle — the Milky Way galaxy was victim of a full-fledged military assault by the forces of chaos trying to establish a bastion of chaos, a negasphere, in the nearby galaxy Hangay. Recently it was revealed to the protagonists perry rodan 2500 life itself has become a rival to the higher powers.

It has spread uncontrollably among the universe and can be perry rodan 2500 in virtually every niche. The cosmocrats and chaotarchs both use life for its tendencies to create order and chaos alike.

Perry Rhodan 2500: Projekt Saturn

Its unplanned and unregulated cosmological actions and manipulations are a constant disturbance for the plans of the cosmocrats perry rodan 2500 the chaotarchs alike. Additionally, they have increased the hyper-impedance, drastically reducing the effectivity and durability of most forms of hyper-technology.


It is said that it lives so close to the "Horizon of the LAW" that both cosmocrats and chaotarchs have problems to understand it. Critical reaction[ edit ] In the introduction to the first English-language edition of Perry Rhodan inForrest J Ackerman said that "In Germany, all serious SF buffs claim to hate Perry Rhodan, but somebody in unprecedented numbers is certainly reading him.

Tom Dohertynew head of Ace Books in the mid-to-late '70s, concurred and ended the series in the US, even though it was profitable.

The emphasis is always on man's expanding horizons, the wonder of science and space, the perry rodan 2500 destiny of the human race.