Ment on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). Porozumienia WTO w sprawie handlowych aspektów praw własności intelektualnej. . Sep 10, ; Day Trip from Lublin to Warsaw Sep 05, ; Taxi from Lublin Airport to Lublin City Sep 05, Intending to provide effective and appropriate means, complementing the TRIPS. Agreement, for the enforcement of intellectual property rights, taking into  Missing: porozumienie ‎| ‎Must include: ‎porozumienie.


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They promised to study the proposal further and send questions via the Japanese Embassy in Washington.

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Japanese officials porozumienie trips hoped to use the expertise of the OECD staff to help them in drafting and negotiating an anti-counterfeiting treaty, but seemed reassured when McCoy assured them that USTR probably had sufficient expertise in the area that it was not necessary to enlist the OECD or another international organization.

McCoy agreed that the United States and Japan should discuss this further and reach a mutual understanding on the key elements, based upon which they could approach other governments. McCoy reminded GOJ officials that Japan would need to continue its leadership role with respect to this agreement, with the United States as its partner, and that Japanese officials would need to do much diplomatic legwork.

SBU Several Japanese officials wondered about a timetable for negotiating the agreement. IPSH Secretary-General Arai proposed that the United States and Japan should set a goal of negotiating an agreement within one year, and coming into effect one year later. Arai cautioned that it would be a shame if the like-minded countries were to become bogged down arguing amongst themselves about what should be included -- that would only provide amusement for the counterfeiters without improving the situation.


SBU Japanese officials seemed genuinely delighted and surprised to have received USTR's well-thought out counter-proposal, but seemed uncertain about how to move ahead. Apparently GOJ officials had hoped to rely on the expertise of the OECD to help them draft a treaty and had to be reminded several times that the United States expected Japan to take porozumienie trips lead jointly with the United States in sharing the proposal with other countries.

The Japanese side porozumienie trips like to learn more about what exactly the United States wants to include in the agreement and which standards the U.

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SBU Arai believes that it should not be too difficult to reach an agreement on the text of an Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement ACTA among like-minded countries and that we should aim to finish talks by the end of this year.

SBU Arai stressed that we should move as fast as possible and keep in mind that the intent of the agreement is to address the IPR problems of third-nations such as Porozumienie trips, Russia, and Brazil, not to negotiate the different interests of like-minded countries. The new agreement could serve as a yardstick for measuring the market economy status of countries such as China and Russia.

Strong political support for ACTA 2. Japanese officials all emphasized that the new PM, Shinzo Abe, in his former role as Chief Cabinet Secretary, was both interested and well-informed on IPR issues and supported on the proposed agreement.

But legal obstacles remain 3. C Hisamitsu Arai, Secretary General of the Cabinet,s IP Strategy Headquarters, warned that the GOJ would find it very difficult to commit to changing its laws on ex officio prosecutions, statutory damages, porozumienie trips sentencing guidelines.

Although he personally supported all of these measures, Arai cautioned that it would take considerable time and effort to try to get those changes through the Japanese bureaucracy. He believes that there would be a substantiation delay if the United States insists on these changes.


On sentencing guidelines, the Ministry of Justice is philosophically opposed, believing it goes against the Japanese Constitution, which leaves such decisions up to individual judges. Regarding ex officio prosecutions, Arai pointed out that although these are allowed for trademark goods, allowing ex officio prosecutions for copyright goods has been discussed within the GOJ for ten or twenty years and consistently rejected by the Agency for Cultural Affairs which oversees copyright laws.

When pressed on porozumienie trips Cultural Affairs or Customs had the lead on ex officio authority, Arai did not know. SBU As he has in the past, Arai argued that we should not waste time getting bogged down in agreements amongst porozumienie trips, while those responsible for piracy and counterfeiting are busy profiting.

If the United States and Japan agree on almost everything else, they should not allow the five precent they do not agree on to stop the process. There are bound to be some differences among countries about which are the most essential and highest standards needed to protect IPR, Arai added.