O mercado de trabalho para o Auxiliar Administrativo é amplo, Pessoas que buscam melhorar e conhecer os procedimentos administrativos. Quem trabalha. Título: A decisão administrativa electrónica emergência da regulação do procedimento administrativo electrónico. Autor: Machado, Cristina Maria da Silva. Home / Andean Community of Nations - Treaties and Protocols / Reglamento de procedimentos administrativos de la secreteria general de la Comunidad.


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But information technologies develop in ever more sophisticated formulas, thus favoring the achievement of wider spaces of the fields of procedimentos administrativos administration that suffers from the lack of mechanisms and tools to replace, especially the lack of human resources procedimentos administrativos lack of time to look methodically about the avalanche of petitions, exhibits, petitions and complaints almost daily raid the offices of public services.

The doctrine allows for the necessary overhaul of its administrative activities and organizational support, being generally accepted that the computerized administrative work will not be, in the bulk of the juridical core that makes it legitimate, unlike the conventional activity, whereby the main rules and principles that guide and justify the second must be present at the first, because the Administration's interest in computers also has a genetic imprint on the new needs that plague society.

In fact, if one accepts that the Administration itself is what determines the normative content of an utterance, self-bonding and self-limiting its scope, it can then be thought of as possible to introduced in the real world of law specifically legal expert systems, which are capable of reproducing human thought and expression that leave room for the subjectivity of the decision-maker in search of an answer to a legal problem, particularly in those areas of public action where it may already be possible to replace the human intelligence by artificial decision making originally discretionary.

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Recognizing, though, the fickleness of social life, subject of intervention of the Law, it is known that the cycles of change include still some stability, so there will always be a group of specific situations, even within the scope of discretionary decisions, that present a small range of options and may even be reduced to a zero mark, repeated in similar cases, which, like procedimentos administrativos acts originally bound, allows the standardization of solutions, also translatable into computer language.

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It is not know when these regulations are expected to be issued. Procedimentos administrativos amendments conform with the Commission's rules, on a permanent basis, to the requirements of the URAA.

SciELO Colombia is an electronic library covering a select collection of scientific Colombian journals from all areas of knowledge. Searches can be made of SciELO's existing collections covering the whole procedimentos administrativos or just a particular country.

These regulations cover such issues as: On February 16,the Commerce Department issued draft regulations on antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings and antidumping procedimentos administrativos issues to implement the Uruguay Round Agreements Act "URAA".