Agile Unified Process (AUP) is a simplified version of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) developed by Scott Ambler. It describes a simple, easy to understand. Que sea ágil debe refiere a dar respuesta rápida a los cambios que se presenten en el transcurso del El proceso Unificado ágil (PUA). Las disciplinas se llevan a cabo de manera sistemática, a la definición de las actividades que realizan los miembros del equipo de desarrollo a.


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You can use any toolset that you want with the Agile UP. The recommendation is that you use the tools which are best suited for the job, which are often simple tools.

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You'll want to tailor the AUP to meet your own needs. Releases[ edit ] The Agile Unified Process distinguishes between two types of iterations. A proceso unificado agil release iteration results in a deployment to the production area. This is a significant refinement to the Rational Unified Process.

The goal of this discipline is to support the rest of the effort by ensuring that the proper process, guidance standards and guidelinesand tools hardware, software, etc. Delivering Incremental Releases Over Time Instead of the "big bang" approach where you deliver proceso unificado agil all at once you instead release it into production in portions e.


AUP teams typically deliver development releases at the end of each iteration into pre-production staging area s. A development release of an application is something that could potentially proceso unificado agil released into production if it were to be put through your pre-production quality assurance QAtesting, and deployment processes.

Agile Unified Process

The first production release may take you twelve months to deliver, the second release nine months, and then other releases are delivered every six months. An early focus on deployment issues not only enables you to avoid problems it also allows you to take advantage of your experiences proceso unificado agil development.

Incremental releases over proceso unificado agil. Your staff knows what they're doing.

The AUP product provides links to many of the details, if you're interested, proceso unificado agil doesn't force them upon you. Everything is described concisely using a handful of pages, not thousands of them.

Focus on high-value activities. The focus is on the activities which actually count, not every possible thing that could happen to you on a project.

You can use any toolset that you want with the Agile UP. My suggestion is that you use the tools proceso unificado agil are best suited for the job, which are often simple tools or even open source tools. You'll want to tailor this product to meet your own needs.

Agile Unified Process - Wikipedia

You don't need to purchase a special tool, or take proceso unificado agil course, to tailor the AUP. In parallel, starting in earlyI started writing about how to "agilize" the RUP through my writings on the web and in my Agile Modeling book published in the Spring of Visit here for a detailed History of the Unified Process.

If you want something in between XP and traditional RUP, a process that is agile yet explicitly includes activities and artifacts which you're accustomed to, then the AUP is likely for you. Many organizations are leery of XP proceso unificado agil it seems to be too light: XP doesn't explicitly show how to create some of the artifacts which management wants to see.

This is an unfortunate attitude because XP is proceso unificado agil great proceso unificado agil. On the other end of the spectrum is RUP, which management seems to love but developers seems leery of due to the large number of artifacts.

This is also unfortunate because the RUP has a lot to offer, and can be cut down to something quite useful which is exactly what IBM Rational recommends you do.


The AUP isn't for everyone.