Engrossing end to fabulous epic trilogy for mature readers. Read Common Sense Media's Quintana of Charyn review, age rating, and parents. Series: Lumatere Chronicles #3. - Finnikin of the Rock (September ) - Froi of the Exiles (October ) - Quintana of Charyn (September. While in the valley between two kingdoms, Quintana of Charyn and Isaboe of Lumatere come face-to-face in a showdown that will result in heartbreak for one.


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The obstacles in the relationships among her main characters mirror the tensions built by prejudices and ignorance throughout their lands, and the setbacks they experience as they work toward peace, both as a community and as individuals, are painfully authentic.

The romances are sweet but tempered by reality, the triumphs are great but leave many scars, and even the It's a suitably impressive conclusion to an epic series. Sex Like in Froi of the Exiles, there are at least five sex scenes between committed, consenting adults and several more of passionate kisses, embraces, foreplay, and propositions.

Quintana of charyn discuss desire and passion on a regular basis, and one character is ridiculed for not having satisfied his wife he later makes up for this so fervently that a passerby jokes neighboring cities could hear their lovemaking. A married couple engages in role playng in bed, a gay couple remembers their ardor as young men, and several estranged lovers reunite.

Language The most common swear word, "sagra," is in a fictional language.

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quintana of charyn But there are other more familiar words used, like "bitch," "ass," and "s--t. Consumerism Adults drink and there are references to drunkenness. Quintana and the women are discovered by the camp leaders eventually due to Ginny telling Gies who is collaborating with the camp leaders about them.

They are forced at sword-point to kneel and are imprisoned in a cave in the valley. As the women are taken away they witness Rafuel, beaten and broken, being led away on a horse.

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Quintana cries out at the sight, and is truly frightened. While imprisoned in the cave, Quintana's water breaks, and she goes into labour. The quintana of charyn place a wooden board between her teeth to prevent her from crying out and alerting the camp leaders.

Quintana of Charyn (novel)

Quintana hears from Jorja that a woman is coming to the valley to breast feed her babe, and begins to weep at the news, realising that she is to be killed after she births the little King. She realises that she doesn't just want to quintana of charyn the cursebreaker, but wants to be a mother to him and watch him grow up.

Quintana begs Phaedra to promise her that she will at least see her son's face when he is born. Isaboe suggests giving the babe to the camp leaders so that Quintana will be safe, but Quintana refuses. Isaboe then offers to bring Quintana's son safely across to the Lumateran side of the stream so that Quintana will not be killed before the Charyn army comes to rescue her.

Recaptains » Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta

The women agree to that idea, and Quintana births her babe. Quintana's babe is delivered with the help of Tesadora, Isaboe and the women and Finnikin, Isaboe's consort.

Afterwards the Lumaterans leave with the little King, pretending to the camp leaders that the babe is Quintana of charyn. Later that day the men of the valley rebel against the camp leaders and fighting ensues.

Quintana of Charyn Book Review

Within the chaos Lucian of the Monts sneaks into the cave where the women are imprisoned and smuggles Quintana to the Lumateran side of the stream where she is reunited with her babe.

Then the Charyn army arrives and quintana of charyn off the camp leaders, and takes custody of them. Froi is with the army and Quintana calls out his name in surprise and joy when she sees him.

Froi, near tears as he thought she was dead, stumbles across the stream towards her and the couple embrace and have a heartwarming reunion. Their reunion is interrupted by the army leader, Scarpo, who grabs the little King and forces Quintana from Froi's arms.

Frightened and confused as to what is happening now, Quintana panics. Froi stops the Lumaterans and Charynites from attempting to fight each other and Phaedra goes to Scarpo and tells him that he quintana of charyn scaring Quintana.

She calms Quintana down and goes with her to the cart that will take them back to the Citavita.