Turkey poults should be raised separately from chickens, not in the same coop or pen, for a couple of reasons. First, there is a risk of a disease called "blackhead disease" that chickens can give to turkeys. Plus by raising turkeys at home, you'll have farm-fresh turkey for holiday meals. So I ordered some day-old turkey poults and decided to try raising turkeys at home. If you want to raise turkeys to sell, my personal favorite is a medium-size strain of the Broad-breasted Bronze. Many people are starting to raise their own turkeys. While raising turkeys does not require a lot of time each day, turkeys do require daily care.


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Breeding birds must be in good condition before mating and should be checked for internal and raising turkeys parasites. Nests To avoid breakage of eggs provide a single nest 0. A community nest 0.

Nests should be in a protected area and be provided with a floor covering of rice hulls, raising turkeys sand, shavings or straw. Constant vigilance is required to ensure that the nests do not become a harbour for external parasites.

Raising Turkeys: How to Raise Turkeys for Meat and Profit

The nests may be elevated from ground level but must be easily accessible to the hens by being fitted with a ramp and ledge. It is, however, usual for nests to be placed at ground level. Turkey eggs hatch in 28 days. In forced-draught incubators, eggs should be maintained at Larger incubators are fitted with automatic turning devices.

It is generally recommended that you use turkey starter diets for the first four weeks. Note that chicken starter and grower diets are too low in protein, and turkeys fed these diets will have reduced growth performance. As the turkeys grow, they get taller and their necks get longer.

The height of raising turkeys feeders should be adjusted to match the birds' growth.

A Guide For Raising Turkeys - Off The Grid News

The edge of the feeder trough should be at the level of a turkey's raising turkeys. This will keep the feed and water clean after the first week.

It is important to not fill the feeders too full, raising turkeys feed will be wasted. Processing A small number of turkeys can be raised in a relatively small area, but you need to adhere to the local zoning laws and ordinances in order to raise, process, and sell turkeys.

Raising Meat Turkeys in Small or Backyard Flocks - eXtension

Whether the turkeys are for home consumption or for sale, you must make plans for processing, whether that is through home processing or custom processing. A Bronze generally will reach a dressed weight of 16 to 25 pounds in about 24 weeks, the standard time required to raise a high quality turkey.

Raising turkeys could take a heritage bird up to two years to reach this weight, and some never will. This time period is important because turkeys don't add fat until 22 weeks. Fat is where much of the flavor is, so you want a good layer under the skin to self-baste the bird as it cooks.

Raising Turkeys at Home

Getting Started Raising Turkeys The easiest and least expensive way to get started with turkeys is to buy day-old turkeys in the spring. Baby turkeys are called poults. Before your birds arrive, raising turkeys will want to set up a brooder area.