A basic climbing kit for recreational tree climbing could be as simple as having a helmet, harnesses, ropes, lanyards, throw-ball & throw-line, friction savers, hitch cords, carabiners, and pulleys. Also, tree climbing gear should be inspected regularly and before each climb. Tree climbing is a recreational or functional activity consisting of ascending and moving around in the crown of trees. A rope, helmet, and harness can be used to. It starts with placing a rope high in a tree and tying a series of knots. Then you're ready to climb. For someone who is brand new to recreational tree climbing, an "Introductory Climb" gives you a sense of how much fun it can be. You won't have to set up any ropes or tie any knots.


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More extensive gear could include ascending and descending devices, and chest, hand, knee and foot ascenders.

Tree climbing

Using all, or a combination of these climbing aids, can make the ascent into the tree much easier. Climbing technique and skill level will also impact your equipment choice.


I could go on and write an entire article just about gear and how it relates to recreational tree climbing Also, tree climbing gear should be inspected regularly and before each climb. Further, I recommend always climbing in pairs or groups, as well wearing gloves and some form of safety glasses.

Kurt Visser DdRT a.

DdRT involves the use of a friction saver that your climbing line passes through recreational tree climbing aids in rope movement and it protects the cambium bark of the tree from damage.

With the aid of carabiners and hitch cords, you are able to hump up the tree.

Tree climbing - Wikipedia

It recreational tree climbing described this way because of your movements when advancing your rope. With this style of climbing, your rope is always moving, hence the name dynamic. Once you are in your harness and clipped on rope, you are free to ascend at your own pace and move about the tree as you feel comfortable with.

You can swing, hang upside down, sit and enjoy the view, climb to the top of your rope and recreational tree climbing amongst the leaves, sit or stand on a limb, read a book, meditate, chat with a friend, study the tree, carry out science projects, connect with nature, escape from the recreational tree climbing and bustle I had the opportunity to sit down with Sun Prairie Recreation Department and discuss recreational tree climbing.

Climbers pick up the easy-to-follow instructions quickly! Simple knots are fun to tie and give climbers peace of mind.

The technique utilizes leg power rather than upper body strength!

Recreational Tree Climbing: Your New Hobby (YES! It is a Thing)

The throw weight is a small canvas sack filled with shot and adorned with a ring on one end recreational tree climbing attaching a lightweight pilot line.

The weight is swung from its attached line as a pendulum, with the line either held between two fingers of one hand at hip level, or in a basket configuration achieved by running a bight of the line back through the ring that is held in the other hand, with the weight being swung between the legs in a wide stance.


It is then launched recreational tree climbing the targeted branch. Once over the branch, the weight must return to the ground, and may have to be manipulated so as to isolate a single anchor point doubled rope techniqueor for SRT into an optimal redirect.

Recreational Climbing

The throw bag is then removed; the climbing line is tied on, and pulled through the canopy and back down again, at recreational tree climbing point the climbing system may be installed. Doubled-rope technique[ edit ] The doubled-rope technique DRT or DdRT is used to self belay the climber in such a way recreational tree climbing the rope can be retrieved without going back up the tree.

This course is available on-site in Atlanta or you can do it at home via our online coursewhich includes our manual and DVD.

If you have taken a basic tree climbing course and want to learn advanced climbing skills, there's our two-day "Beyond the Basics" class. Each of our recreational tree climbing is described in detail.

Click on a link to learn more!

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