Get this from a library! De verbo mirifico, De arte cabalistica, [Johann Reuchlin]. A translation of Johann Reuchlin, De arte cabalistica, book I, 30 folios. Leaves are misbound after leaf 30, as are leaves after leaf 4. The surviving text. Reuchlin's keen interest in Jewish mysticism resulted in the original publication of this work in The first part of this dialogue reflects on messianism, the.


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Through Dalberg, Reuchlin came into contact with Philip, Count Palatine of the Rhinewho employed him to direct the studies of his sons, and in gave him the mission to Rome which has been already noticed as fruitful for Reuchlin's progress in Hebrew.

He came back laden reuchlin de arte cabalistica Hebrew books, and found when he reached Heidelberg that a change of government had opened the way for his return to Stuttgart, where his wife had remained all along.

Reuchlin de arte cabalistica

His friends had now again the upper hand, and knew Reuchlin's value. Inreuchlin de arte cabalistica perhaps inhe was given a very high judicial office in the Swabian Leaguewhich he held tillwhen he retired to a small estate near Stuttgart.

Hebrew studies and advocacy[ edit ] For many years Reuchlin had been increasingly absorbed in Hebrew studieswhich had for him more than a mere philological interest. He was interested in the reform of preaching as shown in his De Arte Predicandi —a book which became a sort of preacher's manual; but above all as a scholar he was eager that the Bible should be better known, and could not tie himself to the authority of the Vulgate.

Johann Reuchlin - Wikipedia

In appeared his epoch-making De Rudimentis Hebraicis—grammar and lexicon—mainly after Kimhi, yet not a mere copy of one man's teaching. The edition was costly and sold slowly.

But for this also Reuchlin found help by printing the Penitential Psalms with grammatical explanationsand other helps followed from reuchlin de arte cabalistica to reuchlin de arte cabalistica.

But his Greek studies had interested him in those fantastical and mystical systems of later times with which the Kabbala has no small affinity. Following Pico, he seemed to find in the Kabbala a profound theosophy which might be of the greatest service for the defence of Christianity and the reconciliation of science with the mysteries of faith, a common notion at that time.

Johann Reuchlin: De Arte Cabalistica - Archives Hub

Reuchlin's mystico-cabbalistic ideas and objects were expounded in reuchlin de arte cabalistica De Verbo Mirifico, and finally in the De Arte Cabbalistica He wrote that "The causes which hinder the Jews from becoming Christians are three: Armed with this mandate, he visited Stuttgart and asked Reuchlin's help as a jurist and expert in putting it into execution.

Reuchlin evaded the demand, mainly reuchlin de arte cabalistica the mandate lacked certain formalities, but he could no long remain neutral.

The execution of Pfefferkorn's schemes led to difficulties and to a new appeal to Maximilian.


In Reuchlin was appointed by Emperor Maximilian to a commission which was convened to review the matter. His answer is dated from Stuttgart, 6 October ; in it he divides the books into six classes — apart from the Bible which no one proposed to destroy — and, going through each class, he shows that the books openly insulting to Christianity are very few and viewed as worthless by most Jews themselves, while the others are either works necessary to the Jewish worship, which was licensed by papal reuchlin de arte cabalistica well as imperial law, reuchlin de arte cabalistica contain matter of value and scholarly interest which ought not to be sacrificed because they are connected with another faith than that of the Christians.

He proposed that the emperor should decree that for ten years there should be two Hebrew chairs at every German university, for which the Jews should furnish books.


Maximilian's other experts reuchlin de arte cabalistica that all books should be taken from the Jews; and, as the emperor still hesitated, his opponents threw on Reuchlin the whole blame of their ill success.

Pfefferkorn circulated at the Frankfurt Fair of a gross libel Handspiegel wider und gegen die Juden declaring that Reuchlin had been bribed.

Reuchlin defended himself in a pamphlet titled Augenspiegelwhich the theologians at the University of Cologne attempted to suppress. On 7 October they, along with the inquisitor Jacob van Hoogstraatenobtained an imperial order confiscating the Augenspiegel.

Johann Reuchlin

In Reuchlin was summoned before a court of the inquisition. He was willing to receive corrections in theology, which was not his subject, but he could not unsay what he reuchlin de arte cabalistica said; and as his enemies tried to press him into a corner he met them with open defiance in a Defensio contra Calumniatores The universities were now appealed to for opinions, and were all against Reuchlin.


Even Paris August condemned the Augenspiegel, and called on Reuchlin to recant. Meantime a formal process had begun at Mainz before the reuchlin de arte cabalistica inquisitor. But Reuchlin managed to have the jurisdiction changed to the episcopal court of Speyer.