Jump to Original Robert E. Howard Conan stories - Conan the Barbarian is a fictional sword and sorcery hero who originated in pulp-fiction  ‎Robert E. Howard · ‎Conan (books) · ‎Bêlit (Robert E. Howard) · ‎Cimmeria (Conan). Contents[show] Stories published in Weird Tales "The Phoenix on the Sword" (novelette) • WT 20 6 (December ) "The Scarlet Citadel" (novelette) • WT 21 1. Jump to Conan - It was also during this trip that Howard first conceived of the character of Conan. Later, in , Howard claimed in a letter to Clark Ashton  Literary movement‎: ‎Sword and sorcery‎, ‎weird f.


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Initially intended only as a minor character, Kull soon became so fascinating to his creator that he was given a series all his own.

Many critics have pinned the birth of sword and sorcery down to robert howard conan specific REH story, and his peculiar melding of historical adventure with elements of fantasy and horror.

Conan the Barbarian - Wikipedia

In this story of exotic robert howard conan in vein of Sax Rohmer, the hero, Stephen Costigan, visits the Thames-side den of Yun Shatsu, the opium lord, and there meets the skull-faced Master, Kathulos of Egypt!

A skull to which no vestige of flesh seemed to remain but on which taut brownish-yellow skin grew fast, etching out every detail of that terrible death's head. The forehead was high and in a way magnificent, but the head was curiously narrow through the temples, and from under penthouse brows great eyes glimmered like pools of yellow fire.

REH's early rejections by Adventure Magazine — which had published Howard Lamb, one of REH's major influences — seem to have disuaded him from submitting further tales once Wright's magazine had folded.

Robert E. Howard - Wikipedia

Also, perhaps, he found another outlet for this muse in one of his other series… In Weird Tales 16 5 Novemberthe novelette "Worms of the Earth" featured Kull and introduced another popular character, Bran Mak Morna Pictish chieftain fighting Rome's inoxerable incursions robert howard conan Britain.

The Picts were a long-standing interest from the time a year-old REH had discovered a book on British history in the New Orleans public library. I made them a strong warlike race of barbarians, gave them an honorable history of past glories, and created for them a great king — one Bran Mak Morn.

Many of the Conan tales are REH's historical epics in another guise, the same confrontation between barbarism and civilization translated from Earth's written history to the Hyborian Age.

The publishing industry suffered during the Great Depression: REH was forced to seek new markets.

Conan the Barbarian

REH came into the detective-fiction magazine scene virtually on Dashell Hammett's heels. Despite an aversion to the detective formula, he was willing to try any marketplace to make a living.

Harrison is a brawny police detective who patrols the unquiet slums and dives of River Street, in an unnamed port city where the sun never shines. Only two other Harrison stories were published in the s.

Set in the fictional Hyborian Age, after the destruction of Atlantis but before our general recorded history, Conan's stories have depicted him as everything from a cunning thief to a noble king and all types of scoundrel in between.

But beneath that blood-soaked sword and shield is a character that struck a nerve with generations of robert howard conan fans, spawning adaptations in comics, video games, movies, TV shows, robert howard conan cartoons in the eight decades since he first appeared in the December issue of Weird Tales.

So thank Crom, because here are 10 facts about Conan the Barbarian.

Robert E. Howard

The two characters share more than just a common creator and a general disdain for shirts, though: Robert howard conan end result was more suited to what Weird Tales wanted, and it became the foundation for future Conan tales. Reave is a word from Old English meaning to robert howard conan or plunder, which is obviously in the same ballpark as barbarian.

And in the story, there is also a reference to Crom, the fictional god of the Hyborian age that later became a staple of the Conan mythology. This isn't the barbarian as we know him, and it's certainly not an official Conan tale, but the early ideas were there.

Howard probably began to work on robert howard conan novel in Februarystarting to write Almuric a non-Conan, sword and planet science fiction novel but abandoned it half way.

10 Facts About Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian | Mental Floss

He had worked exclusively on the novel for two months, writing approximately 5, words per day, seven days a week. Although he told acquaintances that he had little hope for this novel, he had put a lot of effort into it. The story was briefly held as part robert howard conan the company's assets before being returned to Howard.

It was later printed in Weird Tales as a serial over five months, beginning with the December issue. This was the first Conan tale to have an explicit Robert W. Chambers -influenced American setting, although American themes had appeared earlier, and the only one in which Conan himself does not appear.


The story was, however, rejected by Weird Tales, which was rare for later Conan stories. Howard's next piece, " The Man-Eaters of Zamboula ", was more formulaic and was accepted by the magazine with no problems.

Moore and Fritz Leiberand over the ensuing decades the robert howard conan of sword and sorcery grew up around Howard's masterwork, with dozens of practitioners evoking Howard's creation to one degree or another.