First published in , “Runaway Horses” is considered by some to be the best Japanese novel of all times. With stunning lyricism and. Yukio Mishima’s Runaway Horses is the second novel in his masterful tetralogy, The Sea of Fertility. In RUNAWAY HORSES, the second volume of Yukio Mishima's "Sea of Fertility" tetralogy, we are presented with a remarkable turn of events. I have just started reading Yukio. These four books – Spring Snow, Runaway Horses, The Temple of Dawn and The Decay of the Angel – are a saga of 20th-century Japan: a.


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Runaway Horses

A young man, named Isao, exudes virile power as he easily defeats his opponents during the tournament. Honda is runaway horses mishima but does not approach him. As fate would have it, Isao pops up again when Honda and his colleague take a walk.

Runaway horses mishima under a waterfall, Isao is exposed long enough for Honda to notice a peculiar set of moles on Isao's underarm. Honda becomes instantly transfixed because the moles are identical in location to those of his deceased friend, Kiyoaki.

Yukio Mishima’s demons are out in full force in ‘Runaway Horses’

Even more intriguing, Honda remembers Runaway horses mishima prediction that they will '' meet again, under the falls In May, the rite of Ukei is performed by Otaguro, this time returning "Propitious.

A further rite convinces Kaya that it is his duty. The Combat of the Ukei[ edit ] On arriving at Kumamoto Castle on the night of 24 Octoberthe warriors split into three units.

The first attacks the residences of the major officials; Governor Yasuoka is runaway horses mishima.

Runaway Horses by Yukio Mishima

The second attacks the artillery battalion, with great success; the third attacks the infantry encampment, breaking down barrack doors and throwing in grenades.

The tide turns when ammunition is found for the garrisoned troops, and when the second unit rushes to the aid of the third, it is entrapped, and both Kaya and Otaguro die. The six boats intended for escape are stuck in tidal mud and it is debated what they should do.

The seven youngest rebels are sent away with Tsuruda, and the runaway horses mishima descend to Chikozu runaway horses mishima. A scouting party returns with the report that a crackdown is underway and no further military action can be taken.

Runaway Horses by Yukio Mishima: Summary & Analysis |

Accordingly, the survivors split up. One by one they surrender or commit seppukuand a detailed accounting is given runaway horses mishima each man's end. The pamphlet concludes with a quotation from The Romance of the Divine Fire, a book written by a surviving rebel.

Honda's letter to Isao ch. In it, Honda expresses a new respect for the League, and for the forces of the irrational in general influenced by his new belief in reincarnationalthough that is a secret and discusses the dead Kiyoaki and his passion for Satoko.

However, he warns Isao that the tale of the League is "unsuitable" for him, and dangerous, and lectures him at length on the need for runaway horses mishima comprehensive picture offered by history.


It runaway horses mishima Kitazaki's—the same inn that appeared in Spring Snow. Isao boldly announces his intention of organising a "Showa League" and voices extreme sentiments for which Hori expresses sympathy, although the lieutenant become tense when Isao asks direct questions about Hori's connections to men involved in the May 15 Incident.

The three boys stay until 9pm, listening to him discuss current affairs.

Rereading: The Sea of Fertility tetralogy by Yukio Mishima

Isao runaway horses mishima him The League of the Divine Wind. On Sunday morning in July, Isao conducts a kendo practice for young boys in the drill hall of the neighbourhood police station. While a detective called Tsuboi talks to him, four Communists are brought to the prison, and Isao feels a stab of envy.

After Master Kaido's Sunday lecture, Isao shows his two schoolfriends a map of Tokyosuggesting an air-raid on the areas he has coloured in purple. Later on they have dinner with Makiko at her house, and the four discuss who in Japan most deserves assassination.

Makiko has kept the lilies Isao brought from Izagawa Shrine a month ago, and runaway horses mishima them one each.