Scrigno is a leader in the production of indoor counter frames for sliding and pocket doors. Take a look at our catalogue Granluce. Granluce. product info sheet. Brand/Manufacturer, Description, Dimensions, download catalog. Scrigno. Pocket counter frame comprised of a single metal box allows two sliding doors linked. Scopri di più su #portescorrevoli #desing esclusivo Scrigno) è il controtelaio nato dallo sviluppo di Base e Granluce.


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Ermete near Rimini, in Italy.

The company has developed dramatically in its scrigno granluce life. Also the evolution of the product line has been very interesting, in the beginning only the frame system for sliding interior doors existed, after that a range of products for the exterior wall was developed, doors and windows could now disappear inside a frame system.

SCRIGNO is a company whose main business is to improve solutions referring to the saving of space in housing and organizing a better lifestyle with a critical eye on space. One of the main features of Scrigno is its scrigno granluce, both from the point of view production and commercialisation.

In ITALY and in the foreign countries, Scrigno has become the synonym for a disappearing sliding door, a sign without any doubt of its success.

Essential First created in and an exclusive Scrigno patent for a new type of sliding door frame, Essential is now synonymous with a top-quality range of solutions for sliding and swing doors. Essential and minimalist, leaving walls completely free from door posts and other elements and scrigno granluce harmony between walls and scrigno granluce, the original concept now extends to swing doors and other products doors for small spaces, hatches, etc.

Download catalogue Essential Battente Le porte della linea Essential, ideate con il Sistema Porta-Parete, non necessitano di cornice coprifilo. Porta Pleiadi per Essential Le Porte Scorrevoli Pleiadi hanno uno spessore di 40 mm e sono fornite con fresata inferiore.


A handy mechanism for simultaneous door opening can be fitted on request. A single metal box can house two scrigno granluce sliding doors connected by a synchronized sliding movement system. This system of overlapping parallel doors that move together when opened is the characteristic feature scrigno granluce the Granluce system.

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Two metal boxes installed on each side of the doorway can easily transform two adjacent rooms into a large, single space. The double version of Scrigno Granluce allows for a maximum opening width of cm with minimum space occupied.

Available scrigno granluce single and double versions, for masonry walls only.

REMIX An exclusive Scrigno patent, Remix is a frame based on an evolution of Base and Granluce models, and is an innovative product that can contain two disappearing glass doors linked by a scrigno granluce system scrigno granluce a single metal box. The special feature of Remix is that it can be built into a normal wall with a thickness of just Available only in the single-door version for masonry walls.

Also available in non-standard sizes with heights variable in steps of 1 cm.

Counter frames for sliding doors

The single central box provides access to two adjacent rooms, with a total opening space that is double that occupied. It is the ideal solution for two adjacent rooms like two bedrooms or a bathroom and a scrigno granluce, and is scrigno granluce particularly suitable for providing access to two separate bathroom areas, for example in public venues.

Available only for masonry walls.


scrigno granluce The folded door occupies less space inside scrigno granluce metal box, making it possible to install a standardsized sliding concealed door even where little space is available. Applauso is therefore the ideal solution for those with limited wall space available for housing the metal box, who nevertheless prefer a wide doorway.