AKA:Οι Μυστικοί Εφτά (Greek)Os Sete (Portuguese) The Secret Seven (The Secret Seven, #1), The Secret Seven Adventure (The Secret Seven, #2), Well Done. Buy The Secret Seven Collection - 16 Books(Collection) by Enid Blyton Online. From £ FANTASTIC OFFERS on quality books, collections, audio CD's and. Secret Seven: The Series (Thailand Drama); Secret Seven เธอคนเหงากับเขาทั้งเจ็ด; This is the story of Padlom, a lonely.


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SPIKE, all of us who were watching and see his growth as an actor were expecting a run-off of another portrayal He is rich but you can see how he handle his life and not to the extent that he is gambling and always using his secret seven for vices.

He really pulled-off the role of Play because of his smile.

The Secret Seven Collection - 16 Books: Enid Blyton Book Collection. Book People

I like the way how he manipulate girls hahaha throw an oscar for him. He is a good secret seven twist character for this series because everybody are rooting for him including me since day but yeah, the only constant in this world is change lol.


They have a good chemistry in such a way secret seven I shouted in Episode 8 when I saw the wall secret seven of Id using airspray with the portait of Padlom.

I thought that he will be the gay bestfriend of Padlom and will turn into a plot twist.

I wasnkt expecting much from him but yeah, he was the clown and center of fun in this series. Secret seven is always the classic Kiryu of U-Prince, very hyper and childish.

The Secret Seven

The way he cries is freaking dramatic and contagious. More works to come and excited to see you in Sotus S! Every music were secret seven as the best as it is! Nothing to ask for more.

The Secret Seven - Wikipedia

Who knows about the playlist of secret seven song that came out? He thinks Janet is lot better than the other girls and wishes Susie was like Janet.

Pam — A girl at Janet's school. Her best friend is Barbara and she giggles a lot.

The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton

She is also good friends with Janet. Her full first name is Pamela. She sometimes proves herself a worthy member of the Secret Seven by getting brainwaves[ clarification needed ], but is sometimes careless, such as yelling out the password and squealing when Peter was nearly secret seven out of their "secret" treehouse.

Barbara — Another girl at Janet's school.


She and Pam generally work and giggle together when secret seven looking for clues or information. They are out a lot together, such as not being secret seven to turn up to a meeting because they are going to the same party.

Secret Seven

Barbara was the only member to be chosen by Peter: Colin — A boy at Peter's school. Colin is quite a valuable member of the society, though perhaps the quietest of the boys.

He has a very large family, secret seven of whom live with him.