Shadowrun Artifacts Unbound. Compatibility: Requires Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition; offers the character statistics, setting information, and plot points needed for gamemasters to build on the story line introduced in the Dawn of the Artifacts series. Easy to use and flexible, this book can be used with players who have gone through the entire Dawn of the Artifacts campaign, or with players just learning about the artifacts and their effect on the Sixth World. Artifacts Unbound is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition. Catalyst Game Labs New BattleTech And Shadowrun Books In Artifacts Unbound concludes the Dawn of the Artifacts campaign that makes.


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A Fistful of Credsticks: So what seems like a simple job guarding some precious cargo on the shadowrun artifacts unbound of a trideo shoot is bound to get complicated.


A Fistful of Credsticks begins a new series of adventures centered around the machinations of the Horizon Corporation. Runners will learn more about the dark side of Horizon, leading to future developments that could change the shape of the entire shadowrun artifacts unbound.

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Runners that see this adventure to the finish will encounter trideo makers, music celebrities, showbiz leeches, some gang members bent on fame, and a very peculiar corporate experiment. Reunification War Inthe shadowrun artifacts unbound Great Houses of the Inner Sphere united to create the Star League, promising to bring an end to the generations of warfare that engulfed the worlds mankind now called home.

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Shortly thereafter, to seal their alliance, they turned against the shadowrun artifacts unbound independent realms of the Periphery. Reunification War describes the first grand military campaign of the newborn Star League against the collected realms of the Periphery.

Covering each of the four major campaign theaters in detail, this book provides a hard look at the formative years shadowrun artifacts unbound the first Star League, and the fateful decisions that led them to usher in a new Golden Age for mankind by unleashing their armies against its most far-flung worlds.

On the other end of the spectrum, I've seen SR books with very short story seeds that are great if you have time to develop them but really don't provide enough material.

The format in AU is just right.

Shadowrun Artifacts Unbound : Catalyst Game Labs :

The format gives me, as a GM, just about the right amount of material to let me fill in the gaps and customize it to my PCs but without making me do all the heavy lifting. As dramatic and potentially metaplot-altering as the Praxis section is, it is extremely unsatisfactory to me compared with what I know about the original direction this story was shadowrun artifacts unbound in the unfinished Harlequin's Gambit adventure.

Provides a fl exible plot structure that allows players to follow the parts of the campaign that are most interesting to them; gamemasters may also explore locations in the Sixth World that they fi nd compelling for a campaign setting. Advances the overall Sixth World plot as the shadowrun artifacts unbound powers continue to vie with each other for dominance.