In the theaters of Europe they were more like what he dealt with daily in his own army: muskets, rifles, sabers, swords, artillery and knife-wielding partisans. Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe series takes its hero to the battle of Waterloo--and beyond. Several novels are the basis of a television miniseries. He was. Sharpe's Sword is a British television drama, the eighth of a series screened on the ITV network that follows the career of Richard Sharpe, a fictional British.


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The Sharpe sword, back under Sharpe's firm hand, respond and the French column is channelled away from the vulnerable British rear into the Sixth Divisions killing ground.

Sharpe's Sword (Sharpe, #14) by Bernard Cornwell

The column's advance is crushed and the French withdraw under the protection of their still undefeated right, hoping to cross the bridge at Alba de Tormes and thus escape. Wellington, believing that a Spanish garrison held the sharpe sword at Alba de Tormes was slow to follow up, believing the French to be trapped and available for him to defeat in detail at his leisure.

Unknown to him though, the Spanish sharpe sword, believing that the British would be defeated had already fled and the French retreat was unopposed.

Lord Spears conducts a solo charge against the fleeing French and is shot. Sharpe sword comes to his aid and they talk.

Sharpe's Sword

Spears is dying and he wants Sharpe to tell his sister that he died honourably and he tells Sharpe that he wants to die because sharpe sword has the Black Lion syphilis and that he prefers to sharpe sword whilst he still has his sanity and reputation.

Sharpe realises that he is lying and suspects that he is the traitor in the British headquarters.


He threatens to kill Spears by stabbing him in the back sharpe sword his sabre as if he were killed whilst running away and to destroy his reputation with sharpe sword sister. Spears relents and confesses that he had not escaped Leroux but had been paroled and given money for his gambling habit.

He had not sold out Curtis because Leroux already knew but he did give Leroux the book in which Curtis had hidden the details of all the agents in his network.

Spears had been hoping that in exchange Leroux would give him a night with his sister, instead, he gave him back his parole and promised to provide his sister with a dowry when sharpe sword returned to Paris. Spears begs Sharpe to kill him swiftly and to preserve his reputation.

Sharpe promises to do so and shoots him so that it looks like he was shot whilst charging the French. He reports the coded book to Hogan who quizzes him on Spears. Sharpe refuses to confirm that Spears was a traitor, but he reads between the lines and understands that while Spears was the traitor that Sharpe wants Spears reputation left intact and Hogan is prepared to honour this position.

Sharpe, Harper and Hogan pursue the retreating French through the night in an effort to find Leroux. In the morning, they catch up to him, but he is able to outrun them and gains the protection of a French infantry square.

Sharpe's Weapons

The infantry squares subsequently ambush a British cavalry charge against the French cavalry. Against all conventional expectations, the cavalry succeed in breaking the squares, although with heavy casualties.

Sharpe wades into the defeated square in sharpe sword Leroux had been sharpe sword protection, but Leroux shoots at him, missing Sharpe but killing his horse.

Dismounted, Sharpe shoots Leroux, wounding him in the leg and causing him to be thrown from his horse.

Leroux refuses to fight, preferring to surrender and take his chances at escaping later. Sharpe forces him to fight threatening to kill him if sharpe sword doesn't. A duel ensues in which Sharpe kills Leroux and then recovers Leroux's Klingenthal sabre and the coded book.

She encounters Sharpe as he is leaving and seeing her brother's sword, she asks sharpe sword Sharpe killed him.

Sharpe's Weapons

Sharpe confirms this and that her brother had killed her horse. Sharpe initially carries both sabres, Harper's present and sharpe sword Klingenthal, but when he is questioned about this by Hogan, he throws the Klingenthal into the river. Lieutenant General Wellington — commander of the British army in Spain.