Sherry Thomas -- the complete book list. Browse author series lists, sequels, pseudonyms, synopses, book covers, ratings and awards. USA Today bestselling author Sherry Thomas turns the story of the renowned Sherlock Holmes upside down. Welcome to the official Website of YA and Romance Writer Sherry Thomas.‎Bookshelf · ‎Meet Sherry · ‎News · ‎Blog.


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When the storylines finally intersect, the resolution is so abrupt as to be almost anticlimactic; but the dramatic, defiant conclusion will stoke sherry thomas for the next volume.


With all the strengths and failings alike of the first book, only ever-so-much more so, this aims directly at its fans and will not likely pick up new ones.

In an interview on Kirkus, she revealed that she had written My Beautiful Enemy sherry thomas she was published, intending it to be a series spanning twenty years. Like most everything I wrote back then, the core idea was sound, sherry thomas the execution was a hot mess," she said in an interview in USAToday.

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Sherry thomas, it was always intended to be an English version of a Chinese wuxia novel, with a heroic female spin. It's also a darn good read". Flashbacks to Chinese Turkestan add an exotic, mesmerizing touch".

Thomas's views on writing[ edit ] "I write complex situations with no pat solutions because they are what interest me as a reader: In the end, the characters themselves must have the strength and maturity sherry thomas choose the right path.

What kind of terrain are we dealing with?

Bookshelf | Sherry Thomas

What kind of climate? What kind of people would the [hero and heroine] come across? So yes, more work is necessary to world-build, but only so that my readers would be able to visualize and understand the setting.

sherry thomas


For The Hidden Blade she was on a tight deadline and only slept for two hours a day, several days in a row, so afterward in an interview she said, "not writing for at least a week or so seems like heaven!

With historical romances particularly, she said, "I will also posit that since marriage was so final and divorce so difficult — and women's lives so much more restricted — the stakes around a romance were higher in Ye Olde Times.

Readers will wait with baited breath to discover how Thomas will skillfully sherry thomas in each aspect of the Sherlockian canon, and devour the pages to learn how the mystery unfolds. The ground has been laid well for future incidents in the professional and intimate life of Charlotte Holmes.

Up until this time, she was only churning standalone contemporary romances. Byshe branched into adult fantasy fiction, which would result in the publishing of the Elemental Trilogy. Her novels have been described as a sure romantic touch, and excellent world building in the mold of Caroline Stevermer and Anne McCaffrey, who write similar satisfying romantic magical sagas.

Sherry Thomas is known for her deft sherry thomas, character development, poetic and nearly lyrical prose.

Sherry Thomas

She transports her readers between Victorian London eras to the breathtaking vistas of China and down to the dark passages of young adult fantasy. She writes mesmerizing and gripping sherry thomas that leave the reader gasping for more.

Sherry made her name writing a gender flipped character in a sherry thomas Sherlock with the temperament and mind of the real Sherlock from Victorian England. Charlotte Holmes the lead in the series lives at a time when it would be absurd for a woman to set up a detective agency.

As such, Charlotte Holmes the eccentric, brilliant, and respectable young woman decides to go against all of societal conventions. She is ready to face ostracization in a quest to make use of her excellent deductive powers to help her family and the society at large resolve puzzling mysteries.

Her inspiration from the novel was from watching BBC Sherlock which drove her to wonder just what kind of person Sherlock would be if he was a woman. As such, she went ahead to create her gender flipped version in Charlotte Holmes. Charlotte has never been one to accept the politesse expected of women by her society.

Sherry Thomas - Book Series In Order

With most of the suspicion on her father and her sister, Charlotte who has the wits of the legendary Sherlock Holmes knows it is up to her to clear the family name and find the real killers.

She enlists the help of old sherry thomas new friends including a long time romantic partner, a police inspector, and a kindhearted widow. However, when all is said and done, Charlotte who has taken the sherry thomas of Sherlock Holmes has to go toe to toe with a most cunning mastermind, while going against societal expectations.