Convert Whitworth,BSF,BA,AF sizes to ,socket,nut and bolt sizes explained. walls and a longer handle to give higher leverage and extra torque, compared to the standard Kincrome spanners which have shorter dimensions and thinner. Jump to Spanner Sizes - Modern spanner sizes refer to the distance across the flats of the hexagonal nut or bolt they would fit. A 17mm spanner therefore.


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Spanners and Wrenches - DT Online

Sets may contain as few as 10 or 12 different sizes but there can be 's in the spanners sizes comprehensive sets. Sets usually contain, a Ratchet Socket Wrench and may also include: Shallow Sockets are the type most commonly found in socket spanners sizes but Deep Sockets are available for specific jobs if needed.

Special Purpose Spanners Torque Wrench A socket wrench drive tool that is employed to impart a precise amount of torque to a fastener, essential in many cases during the assembly of precision mechanisms or spanners sizes it is important to ensure a series of threads are tightened evenly e.

Box Spanner Also called Tube Spanners and could be regarded as the forerunner of the Socket Set but they are thinner and longer which makes them still useful to access fixings in a deep or narrow holes for example.

They light weight makes them useful in portable tool kits. Do not mix fasteners from different standards e. Even spanners sizes quite a few sizes have the same outside diameter and TPI values, the difference in thread angles e.

Convert,compare all Imperial tool,nut,bolt and spanner sizes to metric.

If in doubt, check with a proper thread gauge that you are using the correct replacement part. Do not replace high tensile steel fasteners with the common stainless types e.

A grade unless the application allows you to safely adjust spanners sizes tightening torque downwards to match.

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As spanners sizes approximation, A is equivalent to 7. Unmarked or very cheap 'A2' stainless fasteners may be equivalent to 5.

spanners sizes If both strength and corrosion resistant are needed, there are special quality stainless fasteners spanners sizes from Bumax available from Precision Technology Supplies in the UK.

Avoid using the wrong type of lubricant when assembling nuts and bolts. While light oil is usually advantageous, avoid using any extreme pressure lubricant e.


Doing so significantly increases the clamping force of the bolt for a given torque, a factor that needs to spanners sizes taken in to account for correct tightening. Please note that such extreme pressure lubricants can be a very good thing to ensure safe and consistent spanners sizes, and to inhibit corrosion, but the torque used has to match.


Also check spanners sizes the lubricant is suitable for the intended environment, not just the operating temperature range, but also any contamination issues or other side effects e. For a selection of common cases using their lock washers Nord-Lock provide a better example of torque guidelines and so do TR Fastenings for common stainless types.

The Different Types of Spanner and Wrench Explained – Which Spanner or Wrench to Use for Which Job

Never use a torque wrench as a long lever to release a rusted or over-tightened fastener! A torque wrench is a precision tool intended for correct tightening. spanners sizes


Instead, use a T-bar or 'jointed nut spinner' for such high torque spanners sizes jobs, or spanners sizes using an impact wrench or slogging spanner. Never strike a normal spanner, there are proper "slogging spanners" for that type of job.

What spanner sizes are available?

Never, ever, strike a ratchet driver. If you need more than decent 'single hand' force on the ratchet handle, you should consider using a longer T-bar or breaker bar also known as spanners sizes 'jointed nut spinner' e.

Never use a normal socket with an impact driver.