Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Alexandra Richland spends rotating twelve-hour shifts working as a registered nurse at a Toronto hospital, indulging in her. Find the complete Starlight Trilogy book series by Alexandra Richland. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US shipping on orders over $ Starlight has ratings and 25 reviews. Avidreader said: Lucky enough to be reading an advanced manuscript of this right now. Sooooo good! I'm immersed.


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As is my custom with the second book in the series, I won't go too much into starlight alexandra richland detail of the synopsis, but instead focus on the aspects of the book that I really enjoyed. But to get a taste of this story, take a look at the excerpt below and the teaser above.

Before I even get into the plot or even the character development or world building, Starlight alexandra richland must start off with the first thing that made me fall for the story; the amazing writing. The best way for me to explain the writing in this book is to compare it to paintings.

There are certain paintings that are meant to be abstract.


The painter takes one or maybe a starlight alexandra richland different color of paint, and completes their image with a few single strokes.

They there are those painting that might have taken the artist months to paint with many different colors, layers starlight alexandra richland dement ions to the painting.

And that is how I would describe the style in Alexandra has written this book. She describes everything so beautifully that it allows you to get so engulfed into the story where you feel that you are actually there.

The next aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was the chara6cter development.

Alexandra Richland

We got to know Beth and Aiden really well in book 1 - Starlight, and they over came a lot in book starlight alexandra richland, specifically Beth. However in book 2 we get to see them grow even more as a couple as well as individually. I loved seeing how Alexandra wove in the historical aspects, specially as they applied to the golden Hollywood years.

And Frankly Starlight alexandra richland now a days is a dirty crowded street, with lot of tourists, adults dressed up in costumes and a ton of souvenir shops. A detailed homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema. Cameos from many of your favorite classic film stars.

Mertz actions throws everything and everyone into turmoil.


We find out the hold Mertz has on Nathan and why he work for Luther in the first place. Aidan finds himself in Chicago and confronts his father, he finds out his father was cheating on his mother with his current wife betty and was with her the night his mother was murdered.

Beth starlight alexandra richland Olivia went back home for a visit, beth to Clarkson and Olivia to Portland. Beth explains to her parents what happened and confides more to her mother on a trip to the store, and her mother tells her Aidan will be back.

Beth also connects with her friend Emma who went to teachers college and married a home town boy, Emma makes Beth realize she has become what she was meant to be an actress and that she would be returning to L A.

Beth told her parents she would be returning to L A in a couple of days, but before that could happen she got a long distance call from Chicago, thinking it was Aidan she was greeted by Nathan with the news that Aidan was in an accident and she needed to come to Chicago.

Nathan explains to his friends why he stayed with Luther Mertz and that he made Mertz retire or he was going to expose him.

The six friends stuck together, Nathan and Olivia starlight alexandra richland back together. Kazan got the rights to Golden Gloves and finished the movie. It lasted only briefly, but long enough to make her heart beat at a fevered pace.

Beth panicked and tried to avert her gaze, but was unsuccessful. He had pulled her too deep under starlight alexandra richland spell.

Stardust (Starlight Trilogy, #3) by Alexandra Richland

She was wondering if he felt the same delightful electricity surging between them as she did when his eyebrows furrowed and he abruptly looked away. You starlight alexandra richland in the shadows, watching me during rehearsal and learning goodness knows what about me, but when I want to find out anything about you, you run away.

Elizabeth knows Aidan hides deep pain and he feels at ease with her despite his belief that he is not good enough for her.