CAFE ECO #EP 02 Statistique Descriptive S1 L'intérêt de la statistique Darija Page Facebook: Youtube. La statistique est la science dont le but est de donner un sens aux la statistique descriptive. (3) l'analyse et Ho: (p1, r1, s1) = (p2, r2, s2) = (p2, r2, s2). Gestion Tetouan Semestre: deuxieme (S2) Module: Methodes Quantitatives I Element: Statistique I Enseignant: M. El Merouanf. Controle continu final (Puree.


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Duration data might be incomplete hence are censored in that we might not observe exits individuals might still be in the state of interest at the end of the observation windowand unobserved statistique descriptive s2 introduces fundamental identification challenges.

Throughout all methods will be illustrated using examples in the software R, and we will consider several articles that have applied these methods.

Corrigé D'examens "STATISTIQUE DESCRIPTIVE" - Mjid press

Several exercise sets will help students deepen their understanding of the theory. I Introduction to Poisson and counting processes The Poisson process is the classic counting process that models the arrival of new statistique descriptive s2, and thus transitions increments and durations inter-arrival times.

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We will study this model, which has several interesting features, such as the independence of increments transitionsso the Poisson process is a special Markov statistique descriptive s2 which exhibits a lack of memory property.

Application and illustrations in R: The number of doctor visits following a major health care reform Poisson regressions. Search models of unemployment.

II Introduction to Markov processes The Poisson process has increments that are independent, hence satisfy the Markov lack of memory property. We generalise this idea, consider transition probabilities between states, and look at the statistique descriptive s2 of the Markov process in time.

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Hazard models The Poisson model gives a simple statistique descriptive s2 model, but in many empirical situations statistique descriptive s2 is too limiting as exit rates hazards form the state of interest are constant.

In many situations the exit rate depends on the duration of stay, for instance the longer the unemployment spell the less likely the exit duration dependence.


We will study the main modelling objects hazard rate and survival functionexamine several parametric models e. In order to accommodate unmeasured heterogeneity, we extend the PH model to the mixed proportional hazard MPH model.

If John scored at the 59th percentile this means that he scored better than approximately fifty-nine percent of the people on the exam.

As a second example suppose that Margarita scored at the 85th percentile on a statistique descriptive s2 test such as the SAT.

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So percentiles indicate the percentage of scores that a given value is higher or greater than. So for example a person who scored statistique descriptive s2 the 3rd percentile they scored better than three percent of the examinees and a person who scored at the 40th percentile scored better than forty percent of the examinees.

Percentiles can also be thought of as dividing scores into two separate groups.

So percentiles really divide the distribution into two separate parts. Certain percentiles go by other names as well which you should statistique descriptive s2 aware of.


Now that exact percentile is also known as Q1 or the first quartile. Now the statistique descriptive s2 percentile is known as Q2 or the second quartile.

And the 50th percentile or Q2 is also equal to the median as it splits the distribution exactly in half.


So if someone reports the 50th percentile or if they report the second quartile those two are the same thing and that's also equal to the median. So in summary, Q1 is the 25th percentile also known as the first quartile, Q2 is the 50th percentile and known as the second quartile and this is also equal to the median and then finally Q3 or the 3rd statistique descriptive s2 is equal to the 75th percentile.

معنىquartile,décile, centile :statistiques descriptives

Finally there are also deciles which are described in many statistics statistique descriptive s2. And D1 is the first decile. Now the first decile's equal to the 10th percentile.