The Stormtalon gunship is an aerial interceptor and ground-attack aircraft that serves in the armies of the Adeptus Astartes. The Stormtalon possesses Vertical. The Stormtalon Gunship serves the armies of the Adeptus Astartes as both an interceptor and ground-attack craft. It is fast enough to engage all but the swiftest. The Stormraven is king of the skies currently, with T7, W14 and a 3+Sv, on paper it is more durable than a Leman Russ. Throw in it's hard to hit.


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Vote Up0Vote Down August 23, 3: Plus, the repulsor has fly as well, so if you are facing primaris marines, the interceptor gets that lovely bonus to hit against it.

I just felt a proper flyer would be a better option than say the cheap, easy to kill land speeders I already had. And who knows what flyer stormtalon rules the tyranids will get in their book that drops soon.


Vote Up0Vote Down October 3, 1: Vote Up0Vote Down January 23, 4: Their major defensive option is a… Kirby August 23, at 3: Flagged and will stormtalon rules what happens. Erroll August 22, at The rest were redirect and malware installer sites. The thing is little more than an armored compartment with two engines strapped to the sides and a massive gun hanging underneath.

Like a Sentinel with a jet pack. The vehicle is meant for lightning-fast anti-infantry support fire, a niche already filled by a number of other Imperial vehiclesmost of whom are a lot sturdier than the Stormtalon.

GW noticed this little oversight, so in order to force you to buy it anyway they made it a flyer in 6th edition.

Stormhawk Interceptor vs Stormtalon Gunship - 3++

Obviously purely coincidental, after all, ripping off other franchises is bad. No evidence is yet possessed on how pissed off the Imperial Navy are that the Space Marines now have their own dogfighter, which stormtalon rules meant to be solely the Navy's domain.


There have been several doomed valiant questionable efforts by modelers to convert the Stormtalon into something that doesn't look completely ridiculous, but their success on the matter is debatable just remove the jets and add proper rotors, the hull's already taken from an attack helicopter. The new Stormhawk Interceptor, which appears to be a variant of the Stormtalon design, also looks for all the world like it's ripping off the Stormtalon conversions people have been making.

Yes it adds more weight of fire and it's similar in range to the Assault Cannon, yes it's cheap, so if you get shot down you're not losing much, but I just don't think it's going to kill a lot of middle of the road to tougher infantry.

A flubbed roll will cost you a lot here, whereas the 12 dice you get from the Twin Assault Cannon is likely to cut down something, I'm not sure that this isn't a trap choice for people who are afraid to sink a lot of points into what they will now naively think is a suicide unit.

Running two Stormtalons ups your ante here as well, in that you can emerge at the start of deploying your flyers with targeted shots that are pretty much guaranteed to mess stormtalon rules up if not downright kill it.

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It's even more points efficient when stormtalon rules think about it's AP modifier, stormtalon rules that it a good turn with one could potentially bring down a monstrous creature and the like. I think if you run these you have to relegate the Twin Assault Cannon to a defensive purpose only, despite it's heavy dice flow.

Waiting for the right time to advance closer to finish off a troop choice and the like.


It's expensive, but it might be the best choice in an all comers list. Yes it retains its long range stormtalon rules it has a bonus to hit against flyers While it's about half the cost of the Typhoon and the Dual Lascannons it's potential for damage seems about half of that as well when you think about applying this weapon in an harassment mode like the Twin Assault Cannon.

It could be good for out-ranging a lot of units though, and in turn be lethal to things like Devastation squads, but I'm not sure the safety of distance is as strong here unless you're running a pair of Storm Talons, which might be harder to do considering the points increase.