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Krautov strojniški priročnik.

The other components of the closed-loop control system for micropositioning of PAS are the high voltage drivers, the incremental position sensors and the strojniski prirocnik processing unit. Strojniski prirocnik to the nonlinear behaviour of the system for micropositioning, the precise position control of PAS with traditional PI controller is aggravated.

Strojniski prirocnik the plant nonlinearities, the feedforward neural networks NN are used as a tool for their compensation. After the training procedure with the back-propagation BPG algorithm, the trained NN inverse model of plant nonlinearities is used as a feedforward part of the proposed controller.

The experiment results strojniski prirocnik shown that the NN compensation improves the control performance of traditional PI controller. The micropositioning systems are also employed in every day devices such as hard discs, camcorders, cars, etc.

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The usability of these devices depends on their precise movement, usually with submicron resolution. A micropositioning stage generally refers to a system which can automatically move strojniski prirocnik end-effector in its workspace with submicron resolution.

For micropositioning stages it is desirable that they have high resolution, large workspace and compact size. The applications with micropositioning stages have already been reported [1].

Krautov strojniški priročnik

There are several different materials and strojniski prirocnik principles for the actuation of micropositioning stages. Due to their nano-metre resolution, high stiffness, big driving force, and fast response PEAs are recognized as fundamental elements for strojniski prirocnik extremely small displacements [2].

PEAs are compact and rugged.


They exhibit high stability and are practically immune to electromagnetic interference. However, the existence of nonlinear multi-path hysteresis in piezoelectric material aggravates the position control of PEAs in high precision applications.

The hysteresis makes it difficult to control the strojniski prirocnik in a case of varying target position because the voltage needed for the desired displacement, is not strojniski prirocnik but varies with each actuation and also depends on the history of the motion.

Understanding hysteresis behaviour is a fundamental step when designing the position controller for PAS. Control techniques to reduce the hysteresis effect in PEAs can be divided into four categories, i. The electric charge control exploits the fact that the relationship between the position of PEAs and the induced charge has less hysteresis than that between position and applied voltage, as shown in [3] and [4].

However, this approach requires specialized equipment to measure and amplify the induced charge.

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The feedforward controllers are known for their many advantages. The instability problem, which is presented in feedback controllers, is avoided with the feedforward controllers.

Furthermore, the accurate and usually expensive position sensors are not needed. Instead of measuring the actual submicron displacement, the feedforward controllers are based on different hysteresis models, which can be approximated, for example, by the polynomial approximation [5], least-mean-square Strojniski prirocnik algorithm strojniski prirocnik [6] etc.

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Among the proposed hysteresis models, the Preisach model [7] is by far the most well known and widely used. The subclass of the Preisach model is PrandtlIshlinskii model strojniski prirocnik, which is less complex.