Soetan Sjahrir. Also Known As: "Sutan Syahrir". Birthdate: March 05, (57). Birthplace: Padang Panjang, Padang Panjang City, West. Sutan Sjahrir (5 March – 9 April ) was an avant garde and idealistic Indonesian intellectual, as well as revolutionary independence ality‎: ‎Indonesian. Hoewel Sutan Sjahrir een Indisch nationalist was, werd hij als een aanvaardbare onderhandelingspartner gezien. De reden was.


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For me, the most remarkable thing in his career is his attempt sutan syahrir design Indonesian political system by proposing the sutan syahrir of parliamentary system instead of presidential system and introducing the Social-Democracy values in Indonesian politics.

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His political party pushed for social-democracy reform in Indonesian politics. He was known for being critical to Soekarno through opinion pieces in a lot of newspapers and sutan syahrir his party in the parliament.

However, he really respected Soekarno as a great leader and maintain a good sutan syahrir with Soekarno and Hatta. Although small, his party was very influential in the early post-independence years, because of the expertise and high education levels sutan syahrir its leaders.

But the party performed poorly in the elections, partly due to the fact that the grassroots constituency at the time was unable to fully understand the sutan syahrir of social democracy Sutan syahrir was trying to convey.

He was born to a Minangkabau family from Koto Gadang, Agam.


His eldest half-sister Siti Rohana nicknamed the Minangkabau Kartini was an advocate sutan syahrir women's education sutan syahrir a journalist with the first feminist newspaper of Sumatra.

During his school years in Medan, he was a violinist in Hotel de Boer at night. In Bandung he became co-founder of the 'People's University', battling illiteracy and raising funds for the performance of patriotic plays in the Priangan countryside.

What role did Sutan Sjahrir play in Indonesian politics? - Quora

Sjahrir was a part of several labor unions as he worked to support himself. He was briefly the secretary of the Perhimpoenan Indonesia Indonesian Associationan organization of Indonesian students in the Netherlands. Sjahrir was also one of the co-founders of Jong Indonesie, an Indonesian youth association in lieu of sutan syahrir need of an association to assist in the development of Indonesian youth for further generations, only to change within a few years to Pemuda Indonesia.

This, in particular, played an important role in the Youth Congress Sumpah Pemudain which the association helped the congress itself to run. During his political activities as a student in the Netherlands he became a close associate of the older independence activist Mohammad Hatta sutan syahrir, future vice-president of Indonesia.

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In his memoirs their Dutch associate Sol Tas recalls: He then became a member of the Indonesian delegation to the United Nations. He was held without trial untilwhen he was allowed to sutan syahrir to Switzerland for sutan syahrir treatment following a stroke.