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All three are found at svetislav bilbija Greek island of Corfu site Imerolia Varvarasin two archaeological field campaigns, in the layers preceding the Mesolithic deposits 8 BCE. Let us remind that the Mesolithic cave Sidari is on the same island of Corfu.


The incised signs on these seals and plates have been interpreted in various ways. Two schools of interpretation dominate. According to one group of authors, such as Cyrus Gordon and Leo Zinder, and before them even Arthur Evans, this is an example of a proto-script, the oldest layer of Aegean-Mediterranean syllabarium — a syllabic script later developed into the Linear A script and then, naturally, into Linear B and, svetislav bilbija all, into the Cypriot script, which, according to Gordon, preserved even older layers of the Svetislav bilbija linear scripts.

Deciphered meaning of the incisions on ancient stones from Corfu?


This thesis svetislav bilbija supported by the characteristic syllableni one of the first to be identified in the Linear B — Amnisos.

The syllable ni is prominent on both cylinders Fig.

This gave rise to further readings of the inscriptions, mainly based upon the analogies with the East Mediterranean phonetic script, above all with the Phoenician and then Etruscan.

The renowned Etruscologist Giuliano Bonfante thus svetislav bilbija on the Fig. Leaning upon this line of argument, other more reputable, or less reputable researchers, have interpreted the Fig. Tamaz Gamkleridze goes even further, identifying on the painted pebble Fig. The cylindrical seal on Fig.

The latter was then interpreted by some of our Figure 2. Deciphered meaning of the incisions on auto-didact etymologists as the ancient stones from Corfu?

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The third reading of this inscription is the most interesting: The introduction of runes in the discussion is especially important since all the researchers into the runic script including Gwido von List are unanimous that the Fig 2h contains the old Germanic rune Von List There are, however, disputes whether this is the older of later runic futhark alphabet and how the whole artifact should be oriented, and four different interpretations emerge.

If the sign is oriented upward, this is the powerful apotropaic rune Elhaz Z svetislav bilbija the old futhark signifying deer, or Mahr M of the later one, signifying the first man.

And so on, and so on There is, of course, a much realistic and truthful explanation: Why, then, all this persiflage, this pseudo-scientific collage about eight stones with non- existent signs? In the words of Alan Sokal, the splendid critic of pseudo-science: A pebble from a Corfu beach 24 Let us svetislav bilbija the difference between the photograph Fig.

A drawing allows for a greater degree of personal interpretation than a photograph which is in itself, we should bear in mind, also a kind of interpretation.

But how can one show that the emperor has no clothes? Besides, the references in the above text are the real existing books but, of course, there is no mention in them of the eight non-existent artifacts or signs on them.

The natural disinclination of readers is taken into account to check every note, especially svetislav bilbija at the first glance they seem perfectly reputable and credible.

The method is fairly simple svetislav bilbija based upon the universal human inclination pareidolia to recognize patterns even where they do not exist:

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