6 Switchyard layout Objective: Substation layout consists essentially in arranging a number of switchgear components in an orderly pattern governed by their. INTERCONNECTION AND SWITCHYARD LAYOUT UP TO kV grid for power evacuation, main single line diagram and substation layout up to kV is. 6 Layout of kv switchyard by Single Line Diagram(SLD) Bay Equipments than half a dozen of lines terminate. In many large transmission.


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Traction substation Electrified railways also use substations, often distribution substations. In some cases a conversion of the current type takes place, commonly with rectifiers for direct current DC trains, or rotary converters switchyard layout trains using alternating current AC at frequencies other than that of the public grid.

Sometimes they are also transmission substations or collector substations if the railway network also operates its own grid and generators to supply the other stations.


Mobile substation[ edit ] A mobile substation is a substation on wheels, containing a transformer, breakers and buswork mounted on a self-contained semi-trailermeant to be switchyard layout by a truck. They are designed to be compact for travel on public roads, and are used for temporary backup in times of natural disaster or war.

Mobile substations are usually switchyard layout much lower than permanent installations, and may be built in several units to meet road travel limitations.

  • 1. Switchyard layout in general

It has a facade in clay brick with grey stone ornaments, switchyard layout blend into its downtown environment. Elements of a substation[ edit ] Substations generally have switching, protection and control equipment, and transformers.

In a large substation, circuit breakers are used switchyard layout interrupt any short circuits or overload currents that may occur on the network. Smaller distribution stations may use recloser circuit breakers or fuses for protection of distribution circuits.

Substations themselves do not usually have generators, although a power plant may have a substation nearby.


Other devices such as capacitors and voltage regulators may also be located at a substation. Substations may be on the surface in fenced switchyard layout, underground, or located in special-purpose buildings.

The Most Used Outdoor Switchyard Layouts You Should Know About | EEP

High-rise buildings may have several indoor substations. Indoor substations are usually found in urban areas to reduce the noise from switchyard layout transformers, switchyard layout reasons of appearance, or to protect switchgear from extreme climate or pollution conditions.

A grounding earthing system must be designed. The total ground potential riseand the gradients in potential during a fault called touch and step potentials[6] must be calculated to protect passers-by during a short-circuit in the transmission system.

Earth faults at a substation can cause a ground potential rise.

Electrical substation

Currents flowing in the Earth's surface switchyard layout a fault can cause metal objects to have a significantly different voltage than the ground under a person's feet; switchyard layout touch potential presents a hazard of electrocution.

Where a substation has a metallic fence, it must be properly grounded to protect people from this hazard. The main issues facing a power engineer are reliability and cost.

A good design attempts to strike a balance between these two, to achieve reliability without excessive cost.

SWITCHYARD OF A MW POWER PLANT. - ppt video online download

The design should also allow expansion of the station, when required. Sufficient land area is required for installation of equipment with necessary clearances for electrical safety, and for access to maintain large apparatus such as transformers.

Where land switchyard layout costly, such as in urban areas, gas insulated switchgear may save money overall. Substations located in coastal areas affected by flooding and tropical switchyard layout may often require an elevated structure to keep equipment sensitive to surges hardened against these elements.


Environmental effects of the substation must be considered, such as drainagenoise and road traffic effects. The substation site must be reasonably central to the distribution area to switchyard layout served.

Electrical substation - Wikipedia

The site must be secure from intrusion by passers-by, both to protect people from injury by electric shock or arcs, and to protect the electrical system from misoperation due to vandalism.

Design diagrams[ edit ] Tottenham Substation, set in wild switchyard layout in North London.

switchyard layout The first step in planning a substation layout is the preparation of a one-line diagramwhich shows in simplified form the switching and protection arrangement required, as well as the incoming supply lines and outgoing feeders or transmission lines.

It is a usual practice by many electrical utilities to prepare one-line diagrams with principal elements lines, switches, circuit breakers, transformers arranged on switchyard layout page similarly to the way the apparatus would be laid out in the actual station.

In some cases, the lines will not have both, with either a switch or a circuit breaker being all that is considered necessary.