The testament of Our Lord, translated into English from the Syriac with introduction and notes. Publication date Topics Church orders. Testamentum Domini. by Simon Corcoran. Contents. Introduction to the Testamentum Domini; Bibliography; Testamentum Domini fragment. Get this from a library! Testamentum Domini Nostri Jesu Christi. [Ignatius Ephraem Rahmani, Patriarch of the Syrian Catholic Church;].


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Let us flee from threatening. See to yourselves that ye be not in anger against your neighbours.

Testamentum Domini Nostri Jesu Christi (Book, ) []

See that no man be testamentum domini wrath: In the wisdom of God let us receive the grace which hath been bestowed upon us. Then let the Bishop say, giving and rendering thanks with an awed voice: Our Lord [be] with you. And with thy spirit.

Let the Bishop say: Let the people say: They are [lifted up] unto the Lord. Let us give thanks to the Lord. Arid let all the people say: It is meet and right.

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And let the Bishop cry: Testamentum domini things in Holy [persons]. And let the people call out: In Heaven and on earth without ceasing. We render thanks to Thee, God, the Holy One, Confirmer of our souls, and Giver of our life, the Treasure of incorruptibility, and Father of the Only-begotten, our Saviour, whom in the latter times Thou didst send to us as a Saviour and Proclaimer of Thy purpose.

For it is Thy purpose that we should be saved in Thee. Our heart giveth thanks unto Thee, Lord, [our] testamentum domini, [our] soul, with testamentum domini [its] thinking, that Thy grace may come upon us, Lord, so that we may continually praise Thee, and Thy Only-begotten Son, and Thy Holy Ghost, now and always, and forever and ever.


Thou Power of the Father, the Grace of the nations, Knowledge, true Wisdom, the Exaltation of the meek, the Medicine of souls, the Confidence of us who believe, for Thou art the Strength of the righteous, the Hope of the persecuted, the Haven of those who are buffeted, the Illuminator of the Perfect, the Son of the living God, make to arise on us, out of Thy gift which cannot be searched into, courage, might, reliance, wisdom, strength, unlapsing faith, unshaken hope, the knowledge of Thy Spirit, meekness [and] uprightness, so that always, Lord, we Thy servants, and all the testamentum domini, may praise Thee purely, may bless Thee, may give thanks unto Thee, Lord, at all times, and may beseech Thee.

And also let the Bishop say: When ye shall do this, ye make My resurrection.

Testamentum Domini Nostri Jesu Christi

Also the cup of wine which He mixed He gave for a type of the Blood which he shed for us. And also let him say: Remembering therefore Thy death and testamentum domini, we offer to Thee bread and the cup, giving thanks to Thee who alone art God forever, and our Saviour, since Thou hast promised to us to stand before Thee and to serve Thee in Priesthood.

Therefore we render thanks to Thee, we Thy servants, Lord.


And let the people say likewise. And also let [the Bishop] say: We offer to Thee this thanksgiving, Eternal Trinity, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord the Father before whom all creation and every nature trembleth fleeing into itself, Lord the Holy Ghost; we have brought this drink and this food of Thy Holiness [to Thee]; Cause that it may be to us not for condemnation, not for reproach, not for destruction, but for the medicine and support of our spirit.

Grant therefore, Lord, to our innermost eyes to see Thee, commemorating Thee [and] serving Thee, having a portion in Thee alone, Son and Word of God, who subduest all things. Sustain unto the end testamentum domini who have gifts of revelations. Confirm those who have a gift of healing.

Make those courageous who have the power of tongues.