It's unfair to expect me to review Daniel Abraham's The Dragon's Path because it's so exactly what I've been wanting to read. There's no way. The Dragon's Path has got just about everything you could want in a good fantasy novel: a city on a political knife edge set in a well-crafted world, history. The Dragon's Path has ratings and reviews. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ said: Re/read First off, I love this freaking cover!! I loved this.


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These different bodies are the the dragon path evidence of the dragons' machinations, their legacy and a reminder of what it means to walk the dragons' path politically—to split apart, to court civil war and internal division, to squabble and create cracks in the norm.


Vanai is one such crack. This Free City, where the thirteen races mingle and where fortunes have been made, is in danger.

Antea is on the move, and seeking to acquire more wealth.

However, the dragon path Medean bank's branch in Vanai has other plans. Immediately before the Antean army's arrival in Vanai, the city's largest bank smuggles out its treasures.


Cithrin, the bank's ward, is responsible for bringing these the dragon path to Carse, the city where the bank's holding company is located. With her is a troupe of actors pretending to be caravan guards and the famed mercenary, Captain Marcus Wester.

The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham book review

Cithrin pretends to be a boy in order to avoid detection. These sometimes heavy-handed themes of the dragon path truths and artifice sets up one of the larger questions of the series as a whole: Is one lying when that truth changes?


Her journey is especially satisfying as she grows from a frightened child mourning her lost city to a coltish young woman seizing her destiny, using her cleverness and willingness to take risks as her most potent tool. While Cithrin's rise to prominence is fascinating and one of the stronger threads the dragon path this novel, she sadly shares her journey with Wester, a mercenary captain whose leadership in an earlier war has garnered him a bittersweet kind of fame.

Wester's cynicism and anger highlights Cithrin's youthfulness, fear, and the dragon path, but I found him a bit one-note as a character. His wife and daughter were "fridged" before the start of the narrative, a banal genre convention often used to make male characters appear interesting and gritty.

There were moments the dragon path I felt like his character arc could have been further developed. Cithrin does not know a lot about her Cinnae heritage; her mother's marriage outside of her race effectively cut Cithrin and her mother out of that support network.

The Dagger and the Coin - Wikipedia

That his character arc centers on his family's death not only weakens him as a character but also ignores an opportunity to explore racialized interactions in a world where race and national identity are central, and part of the legacy of the absent dragons.

The Dragon's Path does not only focus on the victims of Antea's military aggression. Geder Palliako the dragon path an Antean nobleman serving the dragon path the army itself. Like Cithrin, he's pretending to be someone he's not: As part of this, he has also become fascinated by definitions of truth, authenticity, and power.

Unfortunately, he's too bookish to seem truly manly the dragon path Antean society and only gradually realizes that he hungers for more power than he's been given. Dawson immerses himself in a kind of courtly intrigue.

The Dragon's Path (The Dagger and the Coin, #1) by Daniel Abraham

He wants to preserve the Antean the dragon path, including the institution of slavery, the squashing of workers' rights, and a particular kind of militant masculinity. He plans on using Geder as a kind of cat's paw to further Dawson's own political machinations. The campaign in Vanai was not meant to be entirely successful, and Dawson has positioned Geder to take the blame.

When Geder accidentally becomes Antea's hero, Dawson prepares to continue using him as a tool.

The Dragon's Path

She knows money and she knows secrets, but will that be enough to save her in the dragon path coming months? Geder, the only son of a noble house is more interested in philosophy than swordplay.

After a successful campaign he realizes the amount of influence that the priests of the Spider Goddess have gained.