The Norm Chronicles: Stories and Numbers About Danger and Death MP3 CD – Audiobook, MP3 Audio, Unabridged. In The Norm Chronicles, journalist Michael Blastland and risk expert David Spiegelhalter explore these questions through the stories of average Norm and an ingenious. Meet Norm. He's 31, 5'9", just over 13 stone, and works a 39 hour week. He likes a drink, doesn't do enough exercise and occasionally treats himself to a bar of. - Buy The Norm Chronicles: Stories and numbers about danger book online at best prices in India on Read The Norm Chronicles: Stories.


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The Norm Chronicles: Stories and Numbers About Danger and Death by Michael Blastland

Click to see full Norm, Prudence and Kelvin each see an unattended bag in a station. Norm worries it might be a bomb but weighs up the risk and decides it's most likely to have been left behind the norm chronicles accident.


Prudence has a panic attack and insists the station is put on alert. The norm chronicles helps himself to the laptop inside. Sadly, in the case of Norm, the bag the norm chronicles a bomb and he has been scattered all over Waterloo station.

We all have a different attitude to risk. Most of us are happy to leave the house and take the million-to-one chance that Nick Clegg might fall out of a window and land on our head, killing both of us.

The Norm Chronicles | Stories and Numbers about Danger

Some might even call it a public service: The thing about million-to-one chances is that they do happen to one person. Or in our case two. We thought there was next to no chance of our book being chosen for Digested Read.

But there you go. Young The norm chronicles Drugs Norm tries Ecstasy.

Professor David Nutt famously argued that this is as risky as horse-riding 1 serious adverse experience in Extreme sports For every 25 people who reach the summit of Everest, 1 person dies.

Base-jumping is extremely risky the norm chronicles it depends where you jump from: Kjerag Massif in Norway is a safer option, with 1 death per jumps. Middle Age Average the norm chronicles If you stop smoking at 40, you add 9 years to your life expectancy.

More than 3 drinks do you harm.

Getting On Norm gets his senior rail pass. Trains are extraordinarily safe. Hazards discussed range from vaccination to unemployment, with a brief mention of the risks of horse riding in the section on drugs. People tend to find the risks of radiation particularly threatening, and I was interested in the statistics given the norm chronicles this section.

For instance the radiation dose from an all-body CT scan is equivalent to that of standing a mile and a half from the epicentre of the Hiroshima explosion, or of that from eatingbananas, and has an associated loss of life expectancy equivalent to smoking cigarettes.

This the norm chronicles structure certainly causes the book to be more readable.

'The Norm chronicles'

My only complaint about the book is that, due to prioritising the narrative, the mathematical content is in my opinion not always introduced in the the norm chronicles order. Overall, this is an entertaining book; I would not expect anything less given the reputation of its authors.

He has had a distinguished career in medical statistics, and is also known for his work in science communication, including his documentary Tails you win: The science of chance.

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