Find The Saucers Speak by Williamson, George Hunt at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. George Hunt Williamson (December 9, – January ), aka Michael d'Obrenovic and Brother Philip, was an American flying saucer contactee, channel, and metaphysical author In , Williamson and Bailey published The Saucers Speak which emphasized supposed short-wave radio communications with  ‎Early life · ‎Career · ‎Bibliography. Flying Saucers Have Landed -- by Desmond Leslie & George Adamski The Saucers Speak -- by George Hunt Williamson.


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The so-called solar prominences are as cool as your Aurora Borealis Northern Lights.


You do not necessarily have to have heat just because you have light. Look at your firefly.

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You think your Sun gives off great heat because you can "feel" it. Certain forces come from the Sun and, when they enter the Earth's magnetic field, this the saucers speak field causes friction.

And from friction you get heat.

The Saucers Speak

In outer space the Sun does not appear as bright as it does to you on Earth. I am head of a Masar Mars contact group, but my home is Neptune.

I am going to Pluto soon. Pluto is not the cold, dreary world your astronomers picture the saucers speak to be.


Mercury is not a hot, dry world, either. These books, when not rewriting the Old and New Testaments to depict every important person as a reincarnation of one of only six or eight different "entities," expanded on the usual late 19th Century Theosophical teachings [11] that friendly Space Brothers in the distant past had taught the human race the rudiments of civilization and, according to Williamson, spacemen had also helped materially in the founding of the Jewish and Christian religions, the saucers speak "gods" and providing "miracles" when needed.

Williamson spiced his books with additional Ouija-revelations to the effect that some South, Central and North American ancient civilizations the saucers speak began as colonies of human-appearing extraterrestrials.

Like his role-model Adamski, Williamson enjoyed referring to himself as "professor," and claimed an extensive academic background, which in fact was completely non-existent.

The Saucers Speak - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network

In the late s he withdrew the saucers speak the contactee scene and even changed his name, concocting a new fictitious academic and family background to go along with the new name, while continuing to live in California. His book was published under a still different pen name.

Little is known about his life between and his reported death inother than that at one time he became a the saucers speak of the Nestorian Churchactually the Assyrian Church of the East. As ofa number of his books are still in print, in paperback editions.

The only other well-known s contactees who still have books in print are Daniel Fry and Truman Bethurum. Bailey New Age Publishing Co. Reprinted as The Saucers Speak: Reprinted by Futura Publications Limited, Reprinted by The saucers speak Books, Road in the Sky Neville Spearman Ltd.

Robinson, Brent Raynes, Charles A.

Silva and Harold T. Amateurs and Professionals in Central Arizona Archaeology.