Much more than a performance, the Whirling Dervish represents Sufism and the year-old Mevlevi Order. My house was clean before that whirling dervish spent the night! I'm not surprised Bob's son was diagnosed with ADHD, he always was such a whirling dervish! Whirling Dervishes of the Mevlevi sect originally come from Konya province and they continue to practice their years-old mystic tradition even today.


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Available as a Google eBook for other eReaders and tablet devices. Summary Sufism is the esoteric aspect of Islam.

Mevlevi Order - Wikipedia

Its purpose is to convey direct knowledge of the eternal. Sama ceremonies are broken up into four parts which all have their own meanings. The whirling dervishes and The whirling dervishes — Naat is the beginning of the ceremony where a solo singer offers praise for the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

The first part is finished with taksim improvisation in free rhythm of the ney reed flute which symbolises our separation from God. Devr-i Veled — During the following Devr-i Veled, the dervishes bow to each other and make a stately procession in single file around the hall.

The bow is said to represent the acknowledgement of the Divine breath which has been breathed into all of us. After all the dervishes have done this they kneel and the whirling dervishes their black cloaks.

The Whirling Dervishes

The samazens or whirling dervishes are representative of the moon and they spin on the outside sufi whirling of the Sheikh who is representative of the sun.

They, as previously mentioned, spin on their left foot and additionally, they have their right palm facing upwards towards Heaven and their left hand pointing at the ground. The four salams themselves are representative of the spiritual the whirling dervishes that every believer goes through.

The Mevlevi sect belongs to the Sunni or orthodox mainstream of Islam. Its doctrine never developed a revolutionary strategy - and although it was occasionally criticized for its heretical ideas, it always enjoyed the respect of the officialdom.

Suleymanprobably the greatest of the Sultansheld the Mevlevi dervishes in high esteem and their semahane the whirling dervishes hall constructed for them as his imperial gift.

Whirling Dervishes

Besides Mevlevi dervishes, also Bektashi Order 's dervishes were highly regarded by the sultans and other common people. The dances of Bektashi dervishes was called as Kirklar Sema dance, which didn't involve whirling like the Mevlana 's. The Whirling Dervishes played a vitally important part in the evolution of Ottoman high culture.

From the 14th to the 20th centurytheir impact on classical poetry, calligraphy, and the visual arts was profound, while music was perhaps their greatest achievement.

Since the dogmatists of Islam 's orthodoxy opposed music as being harmful to the listener and detrimental to religious life, no sacred music or mosque music evolved except for the Mevlud, a poem in praise of the Prophet Muhammedchanted on high occasions or as a requiem.

Rumi and his followers integrated music into their rituals as an article of faith. In his verses, Rumi emphasized that the whirling dervishes uplifts our spirit to realms above, and we hear the tunes of the Gates of Paradise.

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The meeting places of the dervishes, consequently, became academies of artmusicand dance. The whirling dervishes, the performances of The Whirling Dervishes includes twelve musicians on traditional Turkish instruments and 12 dancers.


There is also a master of ceremony.