Titanfall 2 isn't just a very good video game, it's also a very pretty one, and have some concept, environment, promotional or character art you'd . He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and. Titanfall 2 will see a few changes and a new art book. Concept artist and illustrator Hethe Srodawa has posted some of the concept Be sure to check out more Titanfall 2 concept artwork featured in the art book.


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Book Review: The Art of Titanfall 2 | Parka Blogs

Jul 09, Andrew rated it titanfall art book liked it First of all I would like to say that no I have not played the game and no I have no intention of playing the game, and yes I may come across as biased titanfall art book I read this book for the art not because of the game.

So why read a book about a computer game I will not play - well for me its the art - I have always been a sucker for big robots ever since I was a kids yes a lot of Japanese amine has a lot of answer for there but not entirely their fault.

It's an impressive collection. This is what we have come to expect with the publisher Titan Books which with every title they seem to one up the titanfall art book.


If someone breaks into your house and this is all you have to defend yourself, you stand a fighting chance. You could definitely bludgeon an intruder into titanfall art book with this, and there's a distinct possibility it could stop at least a small-caliber bullet, it's rather substantial.

If you're a gamer, especially one particularly excited for Titanfall, this book is definitely worth your time.

50+ Concept Art made for Titanfall 2

It has made me titanfall art book more excited for the game. They all carry lots of military gear and pouches. Again, lots of details to see. There's also a large sections on vehicles, turrets, drones, weapons, guns and other props.

About a third of this page hardcover are on environment art.

: The Art of Titanfall 2 : Andy McVittie: Books

titanfall art book Artworks that overlook the vast landscapes feel immersive and the interiors are very sci-fi industrial. The artworks are a mixture, about half each, titanfall art book in-game 3D models and digital art. And about half the book covers the mechas, characters, weapons, spaceships and vehicles.

The latter half, about pages, covers the environment art.

Even though the book features 3D models as art from the game, these models are rendered really well with high resolution textures, good lighting and most importantly high poly-count models.