We followed the instructions carefully. It was easy to read and can be also downloaded from the web, for example HERE. Product TRISTAR RK was well. Tristar RK Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Tristar RK Instruction Manual. RK A RK CV VX EMI KLYSTRON TUBE 1PC. EUR ; + Rice cooker Tristar RK capacity 1,5 litres Includes spoon meter spatula.


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TRISTAR Rice Cooker 1 5l L Rk | eBay

It was easy to read and can be also downloaded tristar rk 6112 the web, for example HERE. There was also a brief guide, but lacked any recipes for cooking. However,this did not bother us, as there are lots of recipes on the internet, and it probably would unnecessarily increase the cost of the product.

We welcomed the enclosed measuring cup and scoop for tristar rk 6112 cooked rice, both are very practical.

TRISTAR Rice Cooker 1 5l L Rk-6112

Design of this product is not particularly brilliant, but with the price - performance we like it anyway. It has a stainless steel surface, which is very well maintained.

Bowl with boiled rice can be taken out using just one hand, tristar rk 6112 can be placed with a lid on in the refrigerator. All parts are sufficiently sturdy and easy to clean.

The container has a friendly non-stick coating inside, no rice was stuck there during cooking. For testing the rice cooker we have chosen two servings of jasmine tristar rk 6112, that we cook most often.

We measured it with the enclosed measuring cup, and filled with water exactly according to tristar rk 6112 instructions up to the perfectly visible mark. After stirring, we turned on the rice cooker and waited until it turned itself off. Signal lights were not very visible because we have a really bright light in the studio but in the kitchen with normal lighting it would be sufficient and clearly visible.

When the rice cooker shut down automatically after 22 minutes, we checked the result immediately. The taste was excellent, rice was soft even inside, so the result was really good.

Rice cooker

There was not any excess water in the pot. We were really satisfied. We served rice with a practical scoop, which was very comfortable and it has a well thought-out shape. Portions measured with enclosed measuring cup were really big.

One might say, it's rather two huge servings, or three or four normal portions, what you normally serve at home. However, each product has a drawback.

Tristar rk 6112 found that if more than four portions are cooked at tristar rk 6112 time, then the foam fills the lid, there is lots of bubbles from the water and starch, the lid is bouncing and boiling water sputtering everywhere.

Tristar RK Manuals

But this is normal, as the foam will simply create in every pot, even when we choose high-quality rice and rinse it thoroughly. Therefore, we think it is little absurd that there are even smaller rice cookers on the market, such can not be tristar rk 6112 to anyone, because to cook 2 servings in such small rice cooker will end up with splutter everywhere.

Therefore, this particular rice cooker is recommended even if you usually do just one or two servings. tristar rk 6112


So how to cook 6 portions at once without any splutter? Simple - put an ordinary small spoon under the lid so that it is slightly open.


The result will be perfect and with no sizzle. So what is the conclusion?

But do not buy smaller one, even if you usually cook only one serving. In this case applies - the larger container, the better.

Try several kinds of rice and find out which one you will enjoy the most and will not have any problem with.