TULSI PUJAN Tulsi Mantra, Tulsi Namashtakam, Tulsi Stotram, Tulsi Kavacham, Audio-CD Music- Buy TULSI PUJAN Tulsi Mantra, Tulsi Namashtakam, Tulsi. Lyrics to 'Tulsi Kavacham' by Ashit Desai & Hema Desai. Dear ILs, i have been a silent reader of this forum and a regular visitor. Have been asked to recite tulsi kavach. I found the text here in IL forum.


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You purify the devotees who sing or remember Your glories.


I bow my head to You, Tulasi devi, who brightens the body. Even sinners will be freed from sins after tulsi kavacham You.

Tulsi Kavacham - Ashit Desai & Hema Desai | Shazam

Tulasi protects all moving and non-moving things in the universe. At Your sight, You remove the sins of the sinful persons. I bow to You, Tulasi, who helps tulsi kavacham become free from the strong bondage of Kaliyuga.

It is mentioned tulsi kavacham this stotrathat it fulfills all wishes of those who are chanting it. This prayer can be found in the Brahmanda Purana.

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This Kavacha has to be chanted, Below banyan tree for getting favour from king, Tulasi kavacham in the tulsi kavacham of a pond for those who wants beauty, On the root of Palasa tree for getting knowledge, And tulsi kavacham the Sun for getting power.

There is no need to hear more about its effectiveness, Tulasi kavacham in wants anything, he will get it by chanting it. This very secret tulasi kavacham in like armour of Thulasi, Is like a balm for those beaten, Drives away fear from those who are afraid, Provides salvation to those searching for it, Helps attain object of meditation to those who meditate, Helps in attracting someone, whom we tulasi kavacham in to attract, Gives knowledge to those who want to learn VedasGives wealth to those not wealthy, Calms down tulasi kavacham in in case of all sinners, Provides food to those who are hungry, Gives Heaven to those who search for it, Gives wealth for those who search for wealth, Gives sons who desire to have sons, Gives country to rule to those who have been banished, Gives peace to those who are perturbed.

My salutations to Goddess Thulasi who holds the lotus. Later by the power gained by reciting the StotraLord Subrahmanya kills Tharaka.

It is mentioned in this stotra tulsi kavacham, that it fulfills all wishes of those who are chanting it. In another place it is mentioned that if a childless tulsi kavacham or a lady prone to still birth is caressed by a dharbha over which this Kavacha is chanted, then she will give birth to a great baby.

This armour of Thulasi whose saint is Lord ShivaWhich is written in Anushtup meter, and which Is addressed to the Goddess Thulasi is being chanted, For the fulfillment of all wishes of the mind.

Tulsi Kavacham MP3 Song Download- Kavacham Protective Mantras Sanskrit Songs on

Please show your kindness to me, Oh Thulasi who is immortal, Who is tulsi kavacham to Kesava. And always the darling of Lord Vishnu.

Sarvaan kamaanavapnothi thadaiva mama sannidheem, Mama priyakaram nithyam, hari bhakthi vivardhanam. Ya syath mrutha prajaa naari thasya angam pramarjayeth, Sa puthram labhathe deerga jeeinam chapyarohinam.