Here we bring you 52 types of marketing strategies and tactics you .. Usually, this is done through traditional means of advertising, such as. Caution, lest you create a great product that doesn't meet the needs of your targeted audience. Basic techniques used in propaganda transfer successfully to advertising and remain the most frequently employed. Repetition. Repetition is a simple yet effective technique used to build identity awareness and customer memory. Claims. Association. Bandwagon. Promotions.


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52 Types of Marketing Strategies –

Examples of creative advertising: Directional advertising is placing your business in front of people who are actually looking for your product or service. Your audience knows what they want, however they do not know who to call. Claims can state facts such as "locally grown" or "new, low price".

Claims like these can grab a shopper's attention and hopefully help close a sale, but be careful to avoid exaggerations that types of advertising strategies be considered blatantly untrue, as these could lead to legal problems.

Association Associating a product or company with a famous person, catchy jingle, desirable state of being or powerful emotion creates a strong psychological types of advertising strategies in the customer.

Quantity Advertising Strategy Especially for companies that promise quantitative benefits, such as weight loss products 8.

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Sex appeal Advertising Strategy This appeals to raw emotions and works effectively for a wide variety of products: The Coca-Cola company has create vending machines that invite customers to hug them.

This continues to tie the Coca-Cola brand to the core emotion of happiness, but also invite types of advertising strategies to experience the real product offline. By developing a list of prospects a company can begin to reach out to their individual target groups in order to find new customers.

When Microsoft was selling their accounting software they often used outbound marketing to identify types of advertising strategies targets before trying to call the companies for an in-person meeting.

Inbound Marketing Companies often have customers calling them for various reasons. When business customers call to check their balances, the business bank Chase often takes the opportunity to ask if they are interest in a credit types of advertising strategies, a k plan, or a variety of other services the bank offers.

The Two Types of Advertising: Directional & Creative

Newsletter Marketing A fun way to promote a business is to write a newsletter that highlights some of the newsworthy things that have happened for the organization. The Motley Fool have been sharing their investment insights with their community for many years. Types of advertising strategies newsletters create a sense of inclusion and participation with their members and has types of advertising strategies a key driver for their incredible growth.

Article Marketing In industries where expertise is highly valued, articles can offer a powerful tool to showcase your knowledge and expertise.


Some innovations are shared in the form of articles or white papers where technical information needs to be convey to specialized buyers. This is a very sophisticated form of marketing for specialized buyers. Content Marketing Write and publish content to educate potential customers about your products and services.

For the appropriate businesses, this can be an effective means of influencing them without using direct selling methods. Tradeshow Marketing Many products have to be experienced to be bought. There are very few customers that will buy a new automobile without doing a great deal of research and test-driving the car first.

Tradeshows are industry gatherings where customers are invited to come sample types of advertising strategies that the industry has to offer. To introduce their new lines of products, Ford Motor Company spends a great deal of time setting up and operating their booth at the international consumer auto shows each year.

These auto trade shows give reporters and consumers a chance to types of advertising strategies cars first hand.