Now we have Miklos Vamos, who is almost exactly the same age as Esterhazy (both were born in ) and thoroughly cosmopolitan. He has. The Book Of Fathers has ratings and 62 reviews. Greg said: How was this book?The book was book was nice. It was ok. The book was inoffen. ISBN: Author: Vámos Miklós. Page: Binding: Soft cover. Publication date: Format: Book. Publisher: ABACUS. Language: English.


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The book was inoffensive, which is a vamos miklos thing to say about a book that deals with the topics included in it. The Book of Fathers tells the stories of twelve generations of sons in a Hungarian family.

Miklós Vámos - Wikidata

The scope of the book is about four hundred years. The book itself is pages. Some math tells me that the vamos miklos number of pages for each sons' story is The book vamos miklos infused with a magical element, that i How was this book?

The book is infused with a magical element, that is maybe out of Marquez I don't know because I'm a petulant asshole who refuses to read Marquez I have no good reason for thisor maybe it is just Marquez-esque.

The first born son is gifted with the paranormal gift of being able to see the past and sometimes vamos miklos future through the eyes of other first born sons in the family.

This magical quality is an interesting plot device that once established allows the author to zip through the stories without having to account for vamos miklos certain things could have happened or been known to a character.

The Book Of Fathers[ edit ] This is a monumental family vamos miklosthe adventures of twelve generations.

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Over three hundred years of Hungarian historyand the story of all fathers. And so the lineage carries on, through the Hungary's Holocaust, its Stalinist terror of the s, and eventually passing to America, where Henryk Csillag is born.

He moves to Budapestand it is his son vamos miklos picks up the tale of the book vamos miklos fathers inthe year of the solar eclipse.


Thus the lineage of sons is brought into conjunction with the heavenly ordained cycle of the son. Loosely based on Miklos Vamos's inconclusive research into his own family tree, it interweaves selected events in the lives of these fictional "fathers" with Hungarian history: But like many genealogists, Vamos is far vamos miklos concerned with the patrilineal chain of connection - the book focuses solely on firstborn sons.

Women count for nothing here, except as wombs in which to incubate an heir.

They merely cook, clean, carry, run shoe-shops, have vamos miklos odd "aggressive mood", and bring disaster upon us all. With each chapter corresponding to a sign of the zodiac, a family saga duly unfolds, bedevilled by authorial failings: As we wait for one progenitor after another to achieve the necessary conception of a son, it becomes Genesis - this guy begot that guy.