Wizja lokalna (Polish Edition) [Stanislaw Lem] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An antique copy of Lem's Wizja Lokalna in Polish. Perfect. Wizja lokalna by Stanislaw Lem, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Wizja Lokalna (Observation on the Spot) by Stanisław Lem.


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Wizja lokalna : Lem, Stanisław : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The novel is a report of Ijon Tichy 's travel to a faraway planet Entia in Polish text: Encja to study their civilization.

This report was supposed to fix a misunderstanding arisen from Tichy's Fourteenth Voyage to supposedly Entia then known as Enteropiawhich turned out to be a satellite of Entia, masqueraded by Entians to misguide explorers.

The travel was also to verify the results of the "Institute of Historiographical Computers" Polish: Instytut Maszyn Dziejowychwhich use predictive modeling to overcome the speed of light limitation and get information about the state of the affairs on remote planets based on information obtained from previous expeditions.

Major themes of the book are: The original novel was first printed wizja lokalna lem Wydawnictwo Literackie in Science Fiction Studies wizja lokalna lem a collection of excerpts from Lem's letters which show the chronology of the creation of the novel during Kurdlandia from "kurdl" and Luzania.

These names require some explanations.

Wizja lokalna : Stanislaw Lem :

Kurdl is a huge animal inhabiting the marshes of Entia. The name of the animal is Lem's invention, used in earlier tales about Tichy. In Polish it is kurdel, however in declensions of the word the root converts into "kurdl-", wizja lokalna lem there are no associations with the English word "curdle".

The name "Luzania" derives from the Polish root "luz-" with the meaning of "loose", "not restrained"; the choice will become clear below.


Kurdlandia's guiding ideology is "national mobilism", that is the vast majority of the population must live inside of the stomachs, various passages and internal organs of the kurdls. Kurdls walk about the marshes, guided by drivers, and their inhabitants hence are "able wizja lokalna lem explore the land of their wonderful country from inside of their home kurdl", in the words wizja lokalna lem a patriotic individual that Ijon Tichy spoke to.

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Inhabitants of the kurdls may get wizja lokalna lem periodically at least for 24 hours a year. Exceptions are largely confined to high government officials who live outside the marshes, on dry ground, in normal houses.

Kurdlandia has no technology to speak of and is proud of it. The other state, Luzania, constitutes the most significant treatment of the topic of an "ideal state" in Lem and many would argue, in all science fiction.

Their most prominent accomplishment is the creation of "ethicsphere" compare "atmosphere".

They have produced huge numbers of molecular sized nanobots called "bystry" "quickies" in English that serve to control matter in the 'quickated' areas.

The primary function of the 'quickies' is the enforcement wizja lokalna lem the laws of ethics as physical laws hence the word ethicsphere. Hence, it is a physical law in Luzania that it is not possible to hurt an individual physically.

If you try to strike your neighbor, your hand will be stopped by the suddenly increased air viscosity, although you will wizja lokalna lem be hurt either. If you try to drown, the water will push you out.


Doing non-physical harm, such as by pestering, criticizing, and otherwise mentally tormenting people is still possible, although in such a case the 'quickies' would probably help the victim to walk away from the attackers. There is a large protest movement in Luzania of people who want to end the ethicsphere, and a major element of their activities is trying to inflict harm on anybody just to prove wizja lokalna lem possibility of doing so, but they have not succeeded yet.

The 'quickies' also serve to produce material goods necessary to maintain wizja lokalna lem high standard of living.

Wizja lokalna

Hence, there is not wizja lokalna lem of an economic life going on, although there are limits for the amount of energy individuals may spend on satisfying their needs. Many Luzanians are involved in intellectual pursuits, such as being professors, students, and government officials, but the problem of nothing productive to do stands prominent.

Apparently the 'quickies' are capable of some collective thought, at least for the purposes of self-replication and self-improvement, as well as in order to identify instances of potential wizja lokalna lem to individuals no small feat, no doubt.