The Z-Ticket - your active card in summer - includes many benefits: cableways, swimming pools, boat trip and more. Get a ZugspitzCard and enjoy these great benefits as often as you wish: the Alpspitz wave pool, the Zugspitz pool in Grainau, the Kainzen pool, the Werdenfels. Experience the breath taking panorama of the highest mountain in Germany. Return trip to the Zugspitz summit (only valid at the Tyrol Zugspitzbahn in Ehrwald).


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Vrijetijdskaart Z-Ticket

The company that sells this zugspitze karte merely acts as an agent for the other companies. Consequently, only the corresponding company is obliged to provide the individual services and to offer compensation in the event of any incident. Climatic zugspitze karte for the Zugspitze: The highest temperature occurred on 5 July when the thermometer reached In April meteorologists recorded a snow depth of 8.

Geology[ edit ] The north face of the Zugspitze seen from the Eibsee lake All mountain-building strata consists of sedimentary rocks of the Mesozoic era, that were originally laid down on the seabed.


The base of the mountain comprises muschelkalk beds; its upper layers are made of Wetterstein limestone. Due to the frequent occurrence of marine coralline algae in the Wetterstein limestone zugspitze karte can be deduced that this rock was at one time zugspitze karte in a lagoon.

The colour of the rock varies between grey-white and light grey to speckled.

BERGFEX: Piste map Zugspitze - Panoramic map Zugspitze - Map Zugspitze

In several places it contains lead and zinc ore. From the appearance of the north face of the Zugspitze zugspitze karte can be seen that this massif originally consisted of two mountain ranges that were piled on top of one another.

The Eibsee in front of the Zugspitze: The woods lower down consist mainly of spruce and firbut honeysucklewoodruffpoisonous herb parismeadow-rue and speedwell also occur here. Dark columbinealpine clematisblue and yellow monkshoodstemless carline thistlefalse astergolden cinquefoilround-leaved saxifragewall hawkweedalpine calamint and alpine forget-me-not flower in the less densely wooded places, whilst cinquefoilsticky sagebutterburalpenroseTurk's cap lily and fly orchid thrive on the rocky soils of the mountain forests.

Relatively rare in the entire Zugspitze area are trees like the limebirchrowanjuniper and yew. The most varied species of mossthat often completely cover limestone rocks in the open, occur in great numbers.


Bilberrycranberry and cowberry are restricted to dry places and lady's slipper orchid occurs in sheltered zugspitze karte. Below the Waxenstein are fields with raspberries and occasionally wild strawberries too.

Zugspitze with the discount Z-karte... - Zugspitze

The alpine poppy and purple mountain saxifrage both thrive up to a very great height. Following snowmelt dark stonecrop and snow zugspitze karte are the first to appear, their seeds beginning to germinate as early as August.

Other well-known alpine plants like edelweissgentians and, more rarely, cyclamen also flower on the Zugspitze. Alpine choughs on the Zugspitzeck The rocks around the Zugspitze are a zugspitze karte for chamoiswhilst marmots are widespread on the southern side of the massif.

At the summit there are frequently alpine choughsdrawn there by people feeding them. Somewhat lower down the mountain there are mountain hare and the hazel dormouse. Alpine birds occurring on the Zugspitze include the golden eaglerock ptarmigansnow finchalpine accentor and brambling.

The crag martin which has given its name to the Schwalbenwand "Swallows' Wall" at Kreuzeck is frequently encountered.